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The contentious cell phone unlocking ban that went into effect this year may be on the ropes. The Obama administration filed a petition (pdf) with the Federal Communications Commission on Tuesday, asking the agency to create new rules that would allow cell phone users to unlock their handsets once their carrier contracts expire.
The petition, formally filed by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA), requires that wireless carriers unlock devices that are paid in full, allowing users to move their device to another carrier.
Currently, the law mandates that wireless customers may only unlock their devices with permission from the carrier.
The Librarian of Congress, which issues new rules every three years to allow for exemptions to the DMCA, decided to remove cell phone unlocking from the list of approved practices last year, where it sat since 2006. Sina Khanifar, an entrepreneur turned digital rights activist who launched the White House petition, says the NTIA petition is an important first step toward restoring consumer rights.
Khanifar adds that, even if the petition successfully lifts the ban, it does not solve all the problems. If you want to switch to a different provider but keep your existing handset, you may need to get it unlocked.
You may also need to get your handset unlocked if you want to use a local SIM card in your handset when travelling abroad to avoid roaming charges. Handset locking policies can differ from provider to provider or can depend on the type of device and package being sold to you.
The table below gives you advice on what you can expect if you purchase a handset directly from your mobile provider. You can find out whether your handset is locked by asking your mobile phone provider, or by trying a different network SIM card in it.
If you get a message that indicates there is a problem and you cannot make calls, it's possible that your phone may be locked.
Some handsets can be unlocked relatively quickly, for example most providers unlock iPhones within three days. The table below sets out the current mobile phone unlocking policies of the major mobile providers. It shows the charges you may have to pay, the maximum time you can expect the unlocking process to take (for some handsets, the time taken to unlock may be considerably less than the estimated maximum) and whether the request to unlock can be made online.

A?10 if phone activated less than 12 months ago.No charge if phone activated more than 12 months ago.
1 Phones purchased prior to November 2014 may be subject to a requirement of 6 months activity on the network before unlocking can take place. 2 Prior to 1 December 2013 Three sold handsets locked to the network.3 Virgin Mobile currently sell all pay-monthly handsets unlocked, however a small number of pay-monthly handsets sold before July 2012 may require unlocking. We cannot unblock mobile phones that have been blacklisted due to being reported missing, lost or stolen.
We offer the most comprehensive range of Samsung Mobile Phone Unlocking Services available today.
F-Series: F200, F210, F250, F300, F330, F338, F400, F480, F488, F490, F490v, F520, F700, F700v (direct unlock+ unfreeze). Once we receive your Samsung Mobile Phone for Unlocking, we will Unlock it and then contact you to let you know it is ready for collection or for posting back to you. If we are posting it back to you then you would have already made the payment so there is no more that you need to do. We serve Chelmsford and the surrounding areas of Essex including Basildon, Rayleigh, Maldon, Braintree, Colchester, Tiptree , Danbury, Hatfield Perivale, Howe Green, Stock, East Hanningfield, Bicknacre, Broomfield, Whitham, Sandon, Brentwood, Widford, Rettendon. If approved, wireless carriers would be required by law to unlock customers’ devices. If enacted, the new FCC rules would also allow those who buy secondhand devices to unlock them via the original carrier. If a person unlocks a device without carrier permission, he or she would be in violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DCMA), which protects the software used by carriers to lock devices to their networks. As of January, unlocking a device without wireless carrier approval has carried a potential maximum sentence of five years in prison and a $2,500 fine per violation.
Older devices and those produced by smaller manufacturers may not be easily unlocked due to out-of-date or incomplete databases of unlock codes.
We also have a mail order service so if you can still have your phone unlocked quickly and conveniently without having to even leave your house.The benefits of unlocking your phone are considerable. For example, some will only unlock your mobile phone after a certain period of time has passed and will charge a fee, while some will unlock your phone at any time for free.

For other handsets, unlocking may take longer, particularly if your provider has to contact the handset manufacturer to get the unlocking code. All the providers listed in the table provide this service, as long as the request to unlock is made by the former account holder of the handset. A small number of new handsets purchased after November 2014 may not be able to be unlocked immediately.
If you continue without changing your browser settings, we'll assume that you are agreeing to our use of cookies. The unlocking ban would also be lifted for both cell phones and tablets that are locked to a specific carrier. Further, says Khanifar, the new rules would not require wireless carriers to unlock devices in a timely manner.
As well as adding value to your phone you can also increase the versatility of your mobile as certain phones are not able to work aboard without being unlocked.
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Collection and drop off service also available.If you want to change your network provider for any reason, you will first of all need to have your phone unlocked. Perhaps you’ve seen a cheaper deal on another network and want to swap to that plan without the hassle and expense of changing your phone? Our Cardiff based staff are all highly experienced in all areas of technology and can offer an expert unlocking service as well as advice on all areas of mobile phone technology.We have top quality, modern unlocking equipment and are to deal with any make or model of phone.

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