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The T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note II will be priced at $410 on-contract or $699 no contract.
This is part of the goals you have to jump from Apple market share from 20% to 32% in 2015. And 2015 is not only expected that there is a cheaper version of iPhone, but also lower the average selling price of iPhones line stop reaching U.S.

Through T-Mobile, you’ll pay $99 upfront, and once you sign a contract (yes, a contract, but for the phone itself, not a service plan) agreeing to pay $20 a month for the next 20 months, you will have the iPhone5 in hand and ready to go! When you compare those prices, along with the rigidity of a cell phone contract, to T-Mobile’s prices and no-contract freedom, it seems that this may be the year that T-Mobile finally ekes its way out of the fourth place carrier standing it has held for so long.
So excited that they got rid of the old contracts and went prepaid.Reply Add a New Comment Click here to cancel reply.

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