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When most of the mobile users are already taking about high end mobile phones like iPhone, Nokia has launched two cheapest ever mobile phones.
Nokia 100 is the single SIM mobile phone and will be available from fourth quarter of 2011.
So, you can see that Nokia 100 and 101 are not just the cheapest ever mobile phones from Nokia but also the most stylish in this price range. Mobile phone is probably the only electronic device that has impacted the lives of people the most.
There are around 4.5 billion mobile users around the world and the number is continuously increasing.
These most inexpensive models from Nokia would also have access to Nokia Life tools in some selected countries only.
Nokia is also smart for looking out for the lower income person who cannot afford the high end phones. A very lightweight (gosh, I cannot even feel that I have kept it in the pocket) but with no great looks but looks sturdy to me.

Mobile phones or cell phones have evolved into computers on the go wherein we can perform virtually all our computer related chores on the move. You can easily compare various features of different models and decide for yourself which phone or brand to go for.
When billions of people are already using mobiles worldwide, these cheapest mobile phones from Nokia are targeted at next billion users who would be either from low income groups or people who are looking for an inexpensive regular phones. This will allow users to get weather forecast, news, health advice and many other such on-board apps in the form of special SMS messages. These phones are also ideal in emergencies as they have longer battery life than smart phones and are also ideal to give children. Dual SIM, FM, Music Player (MP3) are the added services which I think anyone needs now-a-days.
Be it SMS, MMS, e-mail, banking or internet browsing, mobile phones these days can perform almost any task.
Now, Nokia 7230 is available in India at a Price of Rs.5,999The major highlights of this phone are its colorful looks and design.

These are also most suited for the countries striving for electricity as they have very good battery backup.
The little extra price for Nokia 101 is only mainly because of it being dual SIM and have MP3 player.
Not a standby as stated meaning you cannot receive call on SIM2 if SIM1 call is already in progress.
There are many countries in Asia and Africa who are waiting for such phones already and Nokia 100 and Nokia 101 will have many takers from these countries. Both of these models have grid based icons display which makes them quite suitable for the people who can not read at all. However, it does support settings from multiple SIM and comes preloaded with games and MP3 player.

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