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One of the devices that South Korean mobile phone maker Samsung Electronics has been long rumored to plan on bringing to the market is a Tizen-based flavor of the Galaxy S5, and the phone has made yet another appearance online today.
No official confirmation on it has been provided as of now, but it seems that the mobile phone maker is already testing it in different markets, including India. No less than three units of this device were brought to India for testing purposes, yet no further details on what the handset has to offer have been provided as of now. One thing that said listing did unveil, however, is the fact that said Galaxy S5 Tizen test phone features a price tag of INR 54,404 ($905). As SamMobile points out, the new model appears to be more expensive when compared to the price tag that Galaxy S5 featured when made available for purchase.

Moreover, the news site also points out that the new listing also explains why Samsung has recently decided to rename its software portal, calling it Samsung Galaxy Apps Store (it was Samsung Apps Store before). The one thing that hasn’t been unveiled as of now, however, is whether the South Korean handset vendor will indeed make a Tizen-based Galaxy S5 smartphone available for purchase or not. While it is not unusual for companies to test new platforms on existing hardware, that does not guarantee that these devices will indeed see a commercial release in the end.
Samsung has been expected to launch a Tizen phone ever since the beginning of the last year, but the mobile phone maker has delayed the launch for over a year. The company has already announced such a handset, in the form of Samsung Z, which packs a 4.8-inch touchscreen display, and which appears to be nothing more than a modified Galaxy S4, with the Tizen OS loaded on top.

However, a more powerful device running under the platform was also expected from the company, and a new flavor of Galaxy S5 appears to be fit for this job.
Unfortunately, as mentioned above, no official details on the matter have been provided as of now, and it remains to be seen whether or when a Tizen-based Galaxy S5 will arrive. Choose from wide range of mobile phones of brands like Samsung, Micromax, Celkon, Sony, Karbonn & many more.

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