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Standard numeric format strings can be used to format common numeric types in the client browser. Both name and id of a user selected in a lookup window can be captured in a database table when necessary. A standard numeric format string takes the form Axx, where A is an alphabetic character called the format specifier, and xx is an optional integer called the precision specifier.
The Whois Service gives you direct access to available contact information of the .The WHOIS lookup tool allows you to search for domain name availability.

The precision specifier ranges from 0 to 99 and affects the number of digits in the result.
Our team includes attorneys who have served as in-house counsel for major energy companies, providing a depth of insight into our clients' needs, issues and concerns. Any numeric format string that contains more than one alphabetic character, including white space, is interpreted as a custom numeric format string. We have more than 30 professionals operating as a boutique within an Am Law 200 law firm and are able to provide focused service with the resources of a large firm. We understand that clients who are engaged in the global marketplace need lawyers who can operate seamlessly across multiple jurisdictions.

Our international experts are multi-lingual, are culturally fluent and intimately familiar with various legal systems across the world, especially those in Latin America.
The OwnerID and OwnerName fields will be visible at the bottom of the form, but are currently only simple text boxes. If you look at the record in the database, both UserId and UserName fields have been populated.

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