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The short answer to the question "How do I complain about my cell phone company?" is "Tell the FCC." That's not necessarily the best way, however. From mid-2007 to mid-2008 — the most recent period for which data are available — the FCC received 52,823 complaints about wireless companies. That was my experience late last year when I decided to submit myself to the FCC complaint process. The experience made the FCC seem much more like a re-mailing service than a government agency ready to protect me. State public utility commissions do not have direct regulatory oversight of cell phone firms, but they can offer influence. You might get more effective results by complaining directly to your state attorney general's office and, in particular, its office of consumer affairs.
The easiest way to find state and local advocates, including your state attorney general's office, is to click here. A 25-year-old Baltimore man died Sunday a week after an encounter with police that left him with a severed spine, according to a lawyer for his family.
Freddie Gray was arrested for yet-undisclosed reasons April 12 after fleeing police on foot. Cellphone video released by lawyers representing Freddie Gray's family obtained by NBC News shows the moment of his arrest.
Baltimore police promised a full investigation and officials vowed to get answers about what happened to Gray. The video shows police dragging Gray, who can be heard screaming about his wrists, and then placing him face down in the back of a police van.
Gray was then driven a few blocks to the Western District station house, where police called an ambulance about a half-hour later, according to the timeline.
Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake had questions and promised to get answers for the community.
Rawlings-Blake told MSNBC on Monday that she was in the process of setting up a meeting with the Gray family.
The encounter between Gray and police touches on a sometimes strained history between Baltimore's African-American community and local law enforcement, she said.
Batts said that Gray's family has so far declined to sit down with police — but that the force would try again this week to set up a meeting. Deputy Commissioner Jerry Rodriguez said at a news conference Sunday that a criminal investigation was underway. A protest was held Sunday outside the station house where Gray was taken after a rally was held there Saturday night, according to the Baltimore Sun. New Puppy a Wish Come True for Sick TeenAmanda Muldoon has always wanted a pug and Friday night the Make a Wish Foundation made her dream a reality.

Police Search for Road Rage Shooting SuspectState police remain on the hunt for a man who opened fire on the busy Blue Route in a fit of road rage. George Bengal has done more to fight animal cruelty in Philadelphia and the surrounding communities than anyone.
Major Susan Dunigan of the Salvation Army Camden Kroc Center, sits down with NBC10's Vai Sikahema to talk about the organization's Garbage Bag Gala fashion show. Eagles star Connor Barwin sits down with NBC10's Vai Sikahema, a former Eagle, to talk about his Make The World Better Foundation event and of course talk some football. NBC10's Ted Greenberg gives us the latest on some localized flooding in Atlantic County, NJ.
Rawley Bingham, 23, thought she would never see her iPhone again after it was stolen in a bar, she told NBC station KUSA. If a consumer complaint about cell phones is closed but no one has even read it, will any company care?
If a consumer feels mistreated by his or her cell phone company, federal law offers the aggrieved person only one court of appeal: the Federal Communications Commission's Consumer and Government Affairs Bureau.
A study by the Government Accountability Office released last year found that 9 out of 10 times, the FCC simply closes the complaint without taking any action. So today, in part two of our "How to Complain About" series, we'll describe the formal complaint process and then the effective complaint process.
The FCC is far more interested in quickly closing cases and generating statistics than in finding out what's going on. When the FCC opened its informal investigation into my case, I received a personal e-mail from Sprint's Executive & Regulatory Services department.
Some states, like Connecticut, collect and compile cell phone industry complaint data, which can affect policy and future legislative reforms. While your state's top cop doesn't have direct authority over cell phone firms, he or she can file a lawsuit on your behalf.
I know many of you have already become disenchanted after an unsatisfying bout with front-line customer service operators. The president of the group, Bill Griffiths, is constructively perusing complaints about Sprint on blogs around the Web and offering help to unhappy consumers. But when she logged into Facebook three days later she found more than a dozen selfies taken by the alleged thief. She took the photos to the police and officers have offered a $2,000 reward for information on the woman posing in the pictures. Worse yet, the government auditors said last year, the FCC can't say why it closed the cases. A surge in complaints could have a meaningful impact now, with a set of new faces poised to take over as FCC commissioners.

While I did not get the answer I wanted, the woman who contacted me was competent and polite — hardly a given when dealing with a main customer support line. So if you're trying to get fair treatment from your cell phone company, you'll probably have to try a few indirect routes. But more practically, a phone call or letter from the attorney general often does get the attention of a cell phone company.
But the firm says consumers should still try standard channels as their first option, such as Sprint's home page or toll-free number. Thanks to Bingham's cellphone settings, her photographs get automatically sent to a private Facebook folder so she can decide whether to post them publicly. Mignon Clyburn of South Carolina was named last week to fill the last remaining opening on the commission. And she was able to quickly solve a secondary problem for me: Sprint had actually failed to terminate my contract when I requested. We always have that component in there to determine whether there is criminal culpability,'' Rodriguez told a press conference on Sunday. Clyburn, who was a member of the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners and is a former newspaper publisher, might be more sympathetic to consumer issues.
Had I not filed the complaint, I wouldn't have had a paper trail proving I'd requested service termination, and I wouldn't have had a personal contact to help me. Many states have very effective legal staffs, and it's often easier than you think to speak directly with an attorney. One that's often successful: Search online for the office of the CEO and e-mail, call, or write a letter. Now would be a good time to grab her attention and the attention of Julius Genachowski, who was nominated as FCC chairwoman in January. Because most attorneys general are hard at work running for future office, they are often very good about handling constituents' complaints. You'll want to find the "office of executive service" or a similarly named group within the company. The addresses aren't hard to find with a little Googling, but you'll usually have luck if you call the firm's main switchboard and ask for the CEO's office by name.

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