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A common myth in collections is that debt collection agencies and creditors can’t comply with the TCPA’s often puzzling language for autodialed calls while simultaneously maximizing right-party contacts to grow collections rates.
In a recent webinar held in partnership with Collections & Credit Risk, FTC veteran and Neustar Chief Privacy Officer Becky Burr and Neustar Executive Director of Risk Solutions Adam Russell shared industry-proven methods to ease TCPA risk while improving overall performance. With these explicit restrictions in place, agencies and creditors need to determine which restrictions specifically apply to their business. With the velocity of change and decrease in data access, enterprises are challenged to keep information up-to-date, and to make sense of it all. To correctly distinguish mobile numbers from landlines and to identify current subscribers, agencies and creditors must use continuously updated and highly accurate phone data in their telemarketing efforts.
Only authoritative phone data provides the kind of data needed to mitigate serious TCPA risk.
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You may not know much about Neustar, but chances are good you interact with the company several times a day. He noted a recent success—the arrest of Alexander Panin, also known as Gribodemon, author of the SpyEye Trojan.

Sharing Is Good Another positive trend Joffe sees on the rise is sharing of security information between the public and private sectors.
It's worth noting that when the FBI shut down the DNSChanger servers, Neustar provided the hardware to keep victims from immediately losing their Internet connection. Thanks, Target Getting back to the idea of putting cyber-criminals in jail, Joffe noted that it can be really difficult to get U.S. Becky Burr explained the meaning of “prior consent” in different contexts and discussed the financial risks associated with compliance failure in the webinar here. Neustar’s Verification Solution provides real-time query response designed for adding into any work-flow or model.
He is a key industry voice and advocate for the use of on-demand consumer and business intelligence for top brands in the financial services, insurance, and call center verticals.
If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. Does TCPA compliance have to mean call center performance and operational efficiencies suffer?
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When you switch carriers without losing your phone number, the switch happens in the local number portability database, managed by Neustar. Joffe is sure that Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks will continue to grow in size and complexity, but with a different purpose. Rather than every small business trying to defend against such attacks, they'll contract with experts, perhaps the experts at Neustar. Slicing and dicing the terabytes of data that flow through Neustar's servers gives them insights not available to all. You'll see other arrests." He noted that the state department is doing a better job of convincing foreign governments to cooperate in such cases. At the RSA Conference, Neustar SVP and Senior Technologist Rodney Joffe shared some of his views on coming events in security with me.

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