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Never again endanger your marketing campaign by leaving to chance the possibility that your call is heralded as “unknown caller” or “out of region caller”Our service is free but we can serve a limited amount of clients.
The caller name being displayed does not come from the phone’s memory but is passed to the caller id subscriber by the local phone company. Every time the local phone company receives a call from another phone company, they have to look up the caller name in one of several central CNAM databases. Each time they dip into the CNAM database, the phone company has to pay a small fee to the CNAM database provider. The phone companies insert the telephone numbers they own and the name that has to be displayed into this CNAM database.
Each month these CNAM callerid revenues are paid to the local telephone companies by the CNAM database providers. CNAM & EnterpriseFind out what exactly how our CNAM tools improves support staff and sales force effectiveness for our Enterprise clients.

CNAM & Surveys & FundraisingCompanies doing surveys and fundraising for clients can greatly benefit from our caller ID database services. CNAM & Political CampaignsDo you know how much more effective your campaigns are with local ANIs and a proper caller ID name and number? Caller Name and Number is a very common premium feature in the United States and is often bundled with other premium phone services like call waiting and call forwarding.
Whenever they receive a call for a callerid subscriber, they look up the caller name in a central CNAM database so it can be displayed on the receiving party’s phone display. The CNAM database provider gets their data from all the different phone companies in the country. They are verry willing to do so, because every time one of their telephone numbers gets looked up in the CNAM database, they receive a small compensation from the CNAM database providers.
It comes with all manufacturer supplied accessories, and full manufacturer's USA warranty.

When a call is being received by a CNAM caller ID subscriber, both the caller name and telephone number are being displayed. Fuji T-160 HQ VHS Video Tape, 160 minutes recording time, High Quality Multi-Purpose Videotape, up to 6 hours recording time (HQ 160 HQ-160 HQ160 T160 T160HQ 23022161)3. Coby CV-200 Digital Reference Super Bass Stereo Headphone, Powerful Neodymium Drivers For Deep Bass Response (CV200 CV 200 CV20 CV-20)6. Max Burton 07100 Wind 'N Go Flashlight with 3 LEDs; Uses Rechargeable Lithium Battery for up to 500 recharges, which should last more than ten years (07100 Athena 7100 Winding)8.

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