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Powered by the new Windows Phone® 8.1 operating system and an advanced quad core processor, the Lumia 635 delivers blazing fast 4G LTE speeds for a superior experience at an affordable price.
Live Tiles let you truly personalize your Start screen, so you can view timeline posts, status updates, and tweets in real time. Lots of great apps come preinstalled, including Facebook, Twitter, and Office, and many other popular apps are available at the Windows Phone Store. Subscribe To Newsletter Get latest news about us directly in your inbox. We usually pack our products by normal plastic bags or bubble bags and use cartons as outer packaging.

While Live Tiles display the latest social posts, news, and more, Cortana, your personal virtual assistant, tracks it all to provide you with reminders and recommendations that help you stay on top of your life.
Learning your interests over time, she looks out for you, providing proactive, useful recommendations. Arrange tiles, change colors, pin apps, and more—making your Start screen a reflection of you. Take crisp action photos at any speed and use features like Motion Focus and Action Shot to capture and edit photos so everyone looks their best. We always choose the best and safe packaging material to make sure your orders wont be damaged during delivery.

If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. Cortana keeps you closer to what you care about most, by keeping you in sync with the events, people, and opportunities that color your life.
And with expandable storage up to 128GB, the Lumia 635 has room for all the apps your heart desires.

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