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There are currently four major cell service providers in the United States, Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-mobile. Each company uses either the world standard GSM or the majority US standard CDMA to handle the wireless signal.
Verizon Wireless is currently the company with the most customers in the US, followed closely by AT&T Mobility. Verizon is the newest formation of a cellular phone company in recent history, formed from the combination of GTE Wireless and Bell Atlantic Mobile in 2000. As noted in the prior section, AT&T is hot on the heels of Verizon for total customers. The oldest and currently third placeholder with a total of 54 million as of the end of 2012, is Sprint. Since data has become more used and popular among cellular customers one of the first features to be eliminated from the list was unlimited data. T-mobile was the first US company to break out the Google Android Phone in October of 2008, fully a year before Verizon.

Although there many more companies that provide cell coverage in the US, there are too many to cover in this small scope. In the interest of time, both yours and mine, we will continue this “How To” next week where we will cover the companies that provide the services. Random Glossary termNetworka telecommunications network that connects a collection of computers to allow communication and data exchange between systems, software applications, and users. The computers that are involved in the network that originate, route and terminate the data are called nodes.
A Conifer man says Wyatt's Towing in Denver was printing his cell phone number of credit receipts and he's been getting angry phone calls for more than a year.
1) Ability to list your mobile phone – including privacy controls that allow you to hide the number.  This makes you reachable just like a landline white pages listing.  Why list yourself?  Think about it – wouldn’t you want to be reachable if someone found your wallet or if your neighbors saw someone questionable trying to get into your back door? Last but not least, please be assured that we won’t misuse the names and phone numbers you look up by spamming them with unsolicited phone calls or text messages to use our service – that’s not the way we do business.
This entry was posted in Whitepages News, Your Digital Identity and tagged carrier, cell phone plan, free calls, lower bills, Mobile, reverse lookup, save money. These cell service providers are ranked by the total number of customers that each one has.

This was a major breakthrough in mobile technology, but also a huge concession for a cell company. Each of these companies claims to have covered the majority of the area of the United States with wireless antennas to accommodate its customers needs. Today however, the world standard is GSM (Global System for Mobile) and is used at only AT&T and T-mobile in the US. Cellular which covers roughly half of the states in the union and nearly 6 million customers.

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