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I’ll get a tracking number from, say, Amazon, before the package information is entered into their system.
The shipping date reflects my package’s shipping date, but the status, delivery date, signature, location, destination, service, and weight all correspond to a package which (presumably) previously used this same tracking number?
Entered the postal code of the Rogers store that I directed my pre-order to – no recognition of the tracking ref.
Just called UPS and he told me that although its in transit, coming towards the States, we wont get our phone till Tuesday.
Is not working for me it says that the reference number is invalid and I’m putting my phOne number is there some other way to know if it has been shipped ? All orders, ALL of them land in Louisville to clear US customs then go to Ontario to clea Canadian customs.
If it says Ships in 1-2 weeks it sounds like you missed the first wave of iPhones ?? I believe all orders that were shipped first were listed as Ships by Oct 14th. This entry was posted on Tuesday, September 13th, 2011 at 6:07 amand is filed under Malware, Spoofing Attack. Hi,I had someone come on my chat page saying making out that he had discounted watch order that i had appparently made?

I knew something wasn't right when he said i'd have to pay up$400-$500 for delivery but he goes i wont' have to coz the money will be inside the package ??? Thats when i knew he was full of crap - i went to google the delivery company and stumbled on this page.
Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. It gives some sort of insight into how their tracking system works, and it’s odd enough I thought some of you might appreciate it. They currently have only the shipping date of my package, so that’s the only part of that page which has been updated with my data. It doesn’t really matter, but I do get some information about some arbitrary package from about a year ago, and it could be potentially confusing. It’s almost feels like torture waiting for this phone, but it sure beats standing in line for 8hrs to get one. It’s being shipped Worldwide express (next day by AM), so I feel confident enough to fire up the ps3 watch a movie, have a cold one or two and wait for my door bell to ring tomorrow morning. I had a feeling something was up when the person said i had 2 pay 4 the delivery fees on my end.

In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). Other services (USPS, and I think FedEx as well) will return a page stating that the tracking number has been issued but they don’t have the package yet. That means, the iPhone 4S could be in your hands this Friday, if the stars are aligned properly. With that being said the rep also mentioned that these orders are based on location not sequential order. So that means the further away you live from the distribution centre the longer you’ll have to wait.
However the rep did say that people who pre-orderered can expect their iPhone 4S between tomorrow October 14th – October 18th.

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