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PAN – Permanent Account Number know for unique identity number issued by Income tax department of India. My mother’s name is Sushila Yadav having PAN AANPY4456F has lost her Pan card and copy of the same is not available with us right now. If you have recently applied for PAN Card and wanted to track status or wanted for Pan Number Verification then you can choose UTITSL that help you to track your Pan Card. Another way to verify Pan Card number is through NSDL.  Here you have to submit below details for pan card verification by pan number.
For claiming deduction under Section 80G, a receipt issued by the recipient trust,called as donee, is a must.
In case of donation which are eligible for 100% deduction recipient should also insist on Form 58 from trust. In case of certain funds or institutions, donations above 10% of your Adjusted Gross Total Income (GTI) are allowed for deduction only upto 10% of your adjusted GTI. Amount eligible to be claimed as deduction under section 80G is: 50% of qualifying amount = 50% of Rs.
On the Tab Taxes Paid and Verification enter the bank details whether you have a refund or not. Bank account number (minimum 11 digits as per Core Banking Solution (CBS) system of the Bank). Quote the IFSC code of the bank if you desire to receive the refund through electronic clearing system (ECS).
If  Balance tax payable amount is more than Rs 10,000, a penalty under section 234 will be levied, as you would have been expected to pay Advance Tax. Now that you have the XML file ready, all you need to do is upload it back to the IT website.
Confirmation mail: After IT department receive the duly signed ITR V and verify it, they will send you the acknowledgement mail to your mail-id.
Whether you have applied for new Pan Card or Pan Card Correction, tracking of your Pan Card is important.

Checking Pan Card status is easy, you just have to get above details and you can easily track your Pan Card application status. My wife had applied for pan card, but she didn’t get it, status hsowing is delivered.
My name is Preetika Saxena and in that it is written Preetika Saxene.Please do the required correction.
Kindly check our Pan Card Correction page that will help you to make necessary changes on your pan card. The details are given as per PAN Card issued to me But while registering myself it says that my surname is wrong.
PAN Card is necessary for every individual who’s earnings fall under taxable category. PAN card can be verified online by submitting few detail mentioned in Income tax department website. So please do help us in getting her details like DOB and other necessary informations so that we may able to process for another PAN card. If you forget your number, if you are unsure of your own number, if your card has been lost, destroyed, stolen or if you wish to verify someone else’s number because you suspect it is fake and need to verify their identification. The public no longer take advantage of this option.  Only a few years ago, this functionality was available to the general public. The first method is for when you want to verify your own number which you should be able to do easily.
You can submit a PAN Card Enquiry or if your card has been destroyed lost or if your card has been stolen you can follow how to get duplicate PAN Card if you need your card reissued.
The receipt must contain the name , address & PAN of the Trust, the name of the donor, the amount donated . 1.5 Lakhs to a charitable institution having an 80G certificate from the income tax department. However, there is no need to worry at all, as you can know your PAN number easily by filling a few known personal details such as First name, Surname, Date of Birth at the below website.

Neither of financial deals in India’s Territory could be confirmed without mentioning PAN details of both party or firms. You can contact the Government of India Income Tax Department and get them to verify the PAN Card for you. It is a 10-digit alphanumeric number, issued in the form of a laminated card by the Income tax department of India under the Indian income tax act 1961. Today, the functionality is only available to qualified, registered, approved organizations and you will need to go through them. You need your first, middle and last name as it is on file, as well as your birthdate and your father’s first, middle and last name. Not ending queue to obtain PAN card, and waiting to issue PAN Card are common for a long spell.PAN Card has materialistic existence. It displays brief identity as Name of bearer, Father’s Name, Signature with Photograph of applicant. Here, a few questions to be raised as  how can anyone be able to obtain their PAN easily, and what to do for verifying PAN, if applying earlier?
To get PAN Card easily one should log on to website of Income Tax, and then after select Tab which has PAN button after then click on to Online apply link. But second question remains same as what to do after applying or how to verify your PAN Number?Cases like verifying PAN Numbers could be the address either visiting the website of Income Tax of India or accessing the web page of PAN Tracker of UTI.
To easy the way of PAN Card tracking at UTI, I am placing web address of  exact position of UTI PAN Tracker.
Fill up this form and click on submit.Hoping, I could address all relevant issue to verify of PAN Number. You all are free to suggest me if I could not address co-related issue of PAN Verification.Like this Article?

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