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Directories can be used to establish that your ancestor lived in a specific area during a specific time.
Other uses of directories includes the history of a specific property - who owned it, who lived there, when the building on it was first built, what uses the property has had (was there a business there at one time?). City & Rural Directories - Your ancestor likely lived at home until they were 18-21 years of age, until they moved out on their own you won't find them listed.
Business & Trade Directories - What age would your ancestor be likely to start, or be partner in, a business or trade? Telephone Directories - The telephone wasn't invented until 1876, the first telephone exchange in Canada didn't open until 1878 (in Hamilton, Ontario). Yearbooks are usually organized in one of two ways - by surname, or by class year (faculty, ninth grade, tenth grade, etc).

Farmer's Directories are also usually organized in one of two ways - alphabetically surname or by location (name of the township, town or village) then surname. Alumni Lists: Name, year of graduation, current or last known address, current or last known occupation, some include a mini biography. If you have a scan of an Ontario directory, please consider sending it in to be included as an example.
The National Archives & Library of Canada: The book Canadian Directories, 1790-1987 will tell you what directories the National Archives and National Library have available in their holdings through inter-library loan (see links & books below). The CIHM (Canadian Institute for Historical Microreproductions) has microfilmed some directories that are available for purchase and through inter-library loan (see links & books below). The Archives of Ontario: Also has a collection of directories from across the province available for loan on microfilm.

Libraries: Same as archives, but also be sure to visit your own local public, college or university library (all three if you're that lucky!), you never know what they have in their holdings or what they can request through inter-library loan.
Time - You likely have in mind the years that your ancestor lived (birth - death) but if they lived to be 80 years of age, should you really look at directories for all 80 of those years? Alumni lists are generally for college or universities and may list your ancestor from the time of graduation to the time of their death.
City directories also included business advertisements, listings of businesses, post office rates, a gazeteer, pretty much any information about the city the editor might think to include.

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