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Audio & Electronics Use this forum to discuss audio and electronic upgrades for your Mercedes-Benz. Alpine CVA 1004 with 6.5" display, Alpine DVD navigation system, Parrot CK3100 Bluetooth carkit, European headlights. That outlay of US$80 is equivalent to the cost of just four megabytes of usage on Optus' expensive data roaming.
To put that in perspective, you could load the Sydney Morning Herald homepage two or three times, and you'd have run up $80 on Optus data roaming!
SIMple Mobile is a "virtual mobile network", which means it resells services from the T-Mobile mobile network -- but at much cheaper rates. It also has fantastic rates for calling back to Australia -- just 2.5c per minute to call Australia, or 16c per minute to call Australian mobiles -- cheaper than Skype! The $60 plan includes $1 of value for international calling, and to get more, you just have to buy a $10 international recharge.
The ideal 3G laptop modem that supports this is the Option iCon 452 (pictured right), which is both Mac and Windows compatible.
It can also be purchased for $79 in Australia through Tru, by calling the Tru for Business Team on 1800 463 204.
You can download connection software for your using this modem with your laptop at Option's website.

Note, SIMple Mobile does not officially allow the use of their SIM cards with 3G modems, or with phones that tether to a laptop. However, Josh Murphy -- who tipped us off about these SIM cards -- reports that a SIMple Mobile dealer was happy to do it for him with its SIM cutter. You can also get step-by-step instructions for other phones, including Android, Windows Phone 7 and Nokia handsets here.
SIMple mobile also has a web page with instructions for BlackBerry, LG, Samsung, HTC and Motorola phones. SIMple Mobile doesn't have its own stores -- it's sold online (but only to people with US credit cards and a US address) and through independent retailers.
Dan is a tech enthusiast who frequently qualifies for enhanced airport security screening due to the number of cords and gadgets stuffed into his cabin bag.
However, I'm in San Fran now, with an unlocked iPhone 4S (Vodafone) - and unfortunately it is not recognising the SIMPLE Mobile (or any other US SIMs). Oh, and just for the record, my phone mustn't have been properly unlocked the first time - as after following the restart steps again, it now accepted a US SIM with no problems (so must now be properly factory unlocked). If you're travelling to Europe soon, you should check out the MaxRoam global roaming SIM card.
UHI phone system retrofitted to the armrest using factory parts in a custom setup allows use of any phone on the UHI list (25).

I didnt have a camera on the actual day itself so I dont have the walk through for this car.
However, it's worth pointing out that $1 is actually enough for 40 minutes of talk-time back to Australia.
However, it should work, provided you set the 3G modem's connection software to use the Access Point Name (APN) "Simple" (no username or password required).
Also, I wasn't aware that there was a way that one could tell whether a phone was unlocked, without inserting another carrier's SIM to test. Although this was the same rep that told me that an unconditional forward of my mobile to an Australian landline would still incur roaming costs for the "unconditional" forwarding if my phone were to be turned on at any stage over seas.).
Some with full 3G speeds (unlike the 2G speed of the Simple Mobile option, which is only $40 per month).

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