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Pay As You Go plans are no contract phone plans where users receive cell phone services in an inexpensive, flexible way. In this review, we explain what Pay As You Go (PAYG) plans are, who uses them, how they work, and what features they include.
The best Pay As You Go no contract cell phone plans are available through companies like TracFone, Net10 and Virgin Mobile. Pay As You Go plans are a type of no contract phone plan where customers will purchase and load up sufficient airtime credits on a cell phone for calling, text messaging, web browsing, as well as to keep the phone’s service active. These periods are important, as they define how long the Pay As You Go cell phone will remain in service.
If more airtime credit is needed, a user can always purchase and activate additional credits. Airtime credits can be purchased online at the cell phone company’s website, over the phone or at retail stores like 711. If you don’t use your cell phone much, you could just get by with a $20 card that provides 90 days of service through a provider like TracFone.
Comparatively, it is cheaper than the minimum $10 a month cost of no contract monthly plans. Once you are spending more than $30 a month with a Pay As You Go plan, it’s time to compare it with other no contract monthly plan options, unlimited or otherwise. To clarify on terminology, some people refer to no contract monthly plans as Pay As You Go monthly plans. It was more frequently offered in the early days of prepaid cell phone plans, but has become less popular with time.
They could also be good for users who need to use their cell phones a lot, but don’t have the funds to pay a monthly plan upfront.
There are more and more Pay As You Go iPhone plan options presented to consumers these days. Some Pay As You Go monthly plans also support customers who want to use their existing cell phones or unlocked phones.
Pay As You Go phone plans include features that regular phone plans have, such as voice calls, SMS text messaging and data transfer. International calls and text messaging may require additional airtime units than nationwide US calls and texting.
Please note that when you click the links on this site and make purchases, we will receive referral commissions in a majority of cases. For a person that has a low cell phone usage, or needs a cell phone for a short time, pay as you go plans may be the way to go. No contract pay-as-you go phones aren't for everybody, but they can be cheap, disposable, and able to fill the cell phone needs for some people. The LG Optimus Dynamic II is one of the popular models from 2014 that are still around and available for those on a budget.
Motorola Moto G is an unbelievable inexpensive phone that punches in well beyond its weight. The LG Ultimate 2 comes with some impressive specs, especially for an Android smartphone that only takes around $120 or less to own.
TracFone is included with NET10, Safelink Wireless and Straight Talk under the America Movil umbrella. If you wanted to avoid paying below the $400+ purchase price, the cost would include add-ons such as multiyear contract commitments which resulted in grossly overpaying for equipment and service. No longer is it necessary to have a 2+ year contract to get the type of smartphone or service you want.
These plans are recommended for people seeking the most economical way to have a cell phone. Straight Talk is a popular prepaid phone company that offers only pay as you go monthly plans.
Plan pricing and features change over time, so please visit the respective company websites for the most current information. If it is 90 days, then you will need to purchase and active more airtime before service ends to keep the phone service active. A year’s service sums up to $80, or just under $7 a month, for talk, text and data access. With monthly plans, a certain amount airtime is loaded onto the phone each month, while standard PAYG plans have cycles or 90 days or longer. Generally, Pay By The Day plans tend to more expensive than standard Pay As You Go options.

They are best recommended for users who may not use their cell phones a lot, but need to use it extensively on certain days.
That said, this option has helped many keep their cell phone active until they got their next paycheck to pay for a full month of service. For example, straight Talk has a program that will allow phones from other providers or that are unlocked to operate on their network.
Nationwide calling, no roaming charges, as well as convenience services like voice mail and caller ID are often part and parcel of a these no contract phone plans.
There is no requirement to give social security number, submit to a credit check or sign for a yearly commitment.
Boost Mobil also has a no contract, flat 50 dollar fee for unlimited voice, text, wireless web surfing and multimedia messages. Prices for the phones range from Ten dollars to under two hundred depending on the features. Net 10 also offers business plans in addition to a flat rate for voice of 10 cents a minute. For people that don't use cell phones much, children and teenagers, they may be the perfect phone for them. The Motorola Moto G was launched last November and ever since, this smartphone continue to defeat every other low-price phone with an unfaltering presence as the best budget smartphone.
Only $29.88 per month for each additional line after the first line Simple Web Activation and Upgrades Walmart Family Mobile Cons $25 Starter Fee for each line to be setup. TracFone offers mobile phone service without requiring contracts, credit checks, activation fees or cancellation charges. Fortunately for consumers, there are now good inexpensive phone options for consumers who wish to purchase new android phones without breaking the bank.
PAYG plans are inexpensive, with flexible options to expand purchase additional airtime if needed. They are frequently referred to as prepaid airtime, as you pick and prepay for a package of airtime ahead of using it.
When activated, the phone would have 90 service days and 60 minutes of talk time or 60 text messages or 60 MB of data. Not all prepaid cell phone companies will allow for rollover of airtime usage credits, so do check on this if it is important to you. That’s really quite a bargain for any regular cell phone plan, not to mention as a smartphone plan that includes talk, text and data. The price per minute is higher than contract phones, but these phones are intended for emergency use, people unable to get contract phones, or low use applications.
Also, you can safely say that selecting or picking out your wireless carrier is just as important as picking out a phone. Also known as the LG L39C, this model claims to offer some quality features and specifications which make this product really a convenient to use. The second generation of the Moto G which is the 4G version is a little more costly but is still a phone model that is worth purchasing. As of Oct 2014 it is the most recent version of Android, with Android 5.0 (Lollipop) coming very soon.
The TracFone brand is geared toward consumers who want low cost services but are considered light users.
But before you run out and spend your hard earned money on the first deal you see, be mindful of our tips and suggestions. The concept works, and in many cases it is better in every way than a contract cell phone plan.
With TracFone’s triple minutes benefit that is included with a lot of their phones sold, this expands to 180 minutes of talk time, 180 text messages and 180 MB of data. On top of that, on days that they intend to use the phone, they would pay an additional $1 to $3 a day to use it on an unlimited basis. The phones can be cheap, or one can get a touch screen, android or smart phone with all the applications. We currently have several prepaid wireless mobile carriers, all of which have different features that makes them special to their consumers. Product Description LG Optimus Dynamic II is an Android phone with Android Jellybean 4.1 that can be used with Tracfone services. The second generation Moto G also has a micro SD card slot which expands the internal storage to 8 gigabytes which the earlier Moto G truly needed. There are no details as to whether this will be updated with Lollipop when it becomes available.

NET10, is geared more toward heavy to medium users who need more minutes and StraightTalk is geared more toward those needing “Unlimited” plans. Considerations Before Your Purchase Android phones Do Not automatically match the cell phone carrier you wish to use. Let’s go over a few important factors to consider before you make any decisions regarding your smartphone use. Below is a comparison of what each company offers, including sample pricing and what’s included. This approach distinguishes the two, and reflects on how top providers have distinguished it in their plan offerings.
Let’s take a look at the top no contract smartphone carriers that should be useful for 2016.
Walmart Family Mobile now has some of the most inexpensive no contract plans in the wireless market. Straight Talk Wireless Straight Talk Wireless is currently under the umbrella of discount cell phone carriers carried under the Tracfone umbrella. Safelink, is the brand of the US government supported program for low-income eligible consumers. There are different types of networks available that will only work with specific types of phones.   In the US, the two main types of networks are GSM and CDNA.
Affordability The major cell phone companies will boast amazing prices on brand new smartphones. It also comes with 4.0GB of internal storage space for room for a few apps along with the installed Android Operating System.
This means that whichever non contract provider you choose, you will likely have to use this phone on either the Verizon or Sprint CDMA networks.
Often confused with Straight Talk and sometimes Net10 and T-Mobile, Walmart Family Mobile is a joint collaboration designed to offer a competitive price with an unlimited voice, text and data no contract plan. GSM – Is the most popular type of network in the World (but comes in second place in the US). You may see them for “sale” at $100 all the way down to free depending on the smartphone brand or model. It finally comes with the general features and specs of a modern android smartphone such as bluetooth, accessibility to the Google Play store, Wi-Fi, GPS and other features. Although many on the phones offered may be less than desirable to some, there is nothing to fear, because Walmart Family Mobile also offers a bring your own phone program which can result in just about any GSM T-Mobile compatible phone being used at their affordable prices. This is considered the most useful choice for a personal smartphone but can be the most expensive. If you look at the small print the requirements necessary to take advantage of these prices, you will usually see “2 year or longer contract required”. Your phone number and carrier data are maintained in a SIM Card that you can insert into your phone. StraightTalk currently does not require credit checks, activation fees, age limits or contracts that are long term. You can also find hard shell cases or flip front covers to customize your Moto G as you desire.
The key to understand is that the cell phone plan will be higher than normal to subsidize the cost for the phone plus more!
Wireless Technology 800MHz Processor An Airtime Card is required for activation of this phone. Technically, you can change sim cards at any time in your phone (as long as it is unlocked from a specific carrier). Performance Motorola Moto G has a splash proof cover which provides protection if you should accidently drop it in water.
There is a deal on this phone with one major cell phone company at around $30 with a 2 year contract. The new Android OS version Lollipop (Android 5.0) is also soon to be updated on this model as well.
This phone is not compatible with SafeLink service Unlimited Carryover® Moto E $119.99 Includes Triple Minutes for Life FREE!

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