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The facility of ‘Call police’ works as a competent thana locator, that lets you reach the nearest police help in case of emergency. We know that calling police help is the ultimate solution to any emergency, but we often miss help numbers in distress.
You can organize your contacts is a true and tried program that will help you by far manage and store contact information e.g. You can use this Contact Info Template to search email addresses, names, and manage distribution lists.

Every Police station has fixed process and handles a specific area to provide potential security to citizens. It is a potential technology designed & developed to break the barrier between police and society and provide them better means to ensure their security and safety.
With a convenient police phone directory in your hand, you can conveniently access the contact details of nearby police stations and officials.
This police phone directory gives you the exact reach to BEAT in-charge wherever you are in need.

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