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Power Business Leads Plus UK SIC Code, Address, Town, County, Phone, Website, Employee Count, Industry, and more!
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The directory enquiries website was the first of its kind to be launched in the UK when it was developed by Simunix in 1999. 5 free search credits every day - this is more than many people need in a day making this a free service for most of our users! How to Look Impressive and Like You Know What You’re Talking AboutHave you ever been thrown off course during a conversation where someone drops in an obscure acronym?
It often happens during conversations with teenagers as new abbreviations pop up on social media - MoreClear Call Rates for 08, 09 and 118 NumbersNumbers beginning 08, 09 or 118 are known as 'service numbers' and the cost of calling these numbers can vary from a few pence to several pounds.

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