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These are some of the images that we found for within the public domain for your "Phone Listings" keyword. The March 2014-2015 YP — Yellow Pages — directories contain only business listings, omitting AT&T residential listings. YP made the move in select markets in Texas, including Amarillo, the Rio Grande Valley and Temple, according to information from the company. Less than 5 percent of consumers have requested the printed residential listings in markets where the changes have occurred, according to information emailed by a YP spokeswoman. Amarillo College student Mason Devine said it had been a few years since he had used an actual phone book, so the omission of residential listings wouldn’t be a problem for him.

YP considered factors such as population and location in making its decision, according to a news release. YP anticipates rolling out the directories without printed residential listings in other markets across the United States, a company email said. However, the touchtone system was not easily navigated during a test call made Monday by the Amarillo Globe-News. The user can choose the option “Send a free copy of my YP Real Yellow Pages or White Pages,” but only after entering personal delivery information does the option appear to order the print or CD versions of residential listings.
ASCA Interim Executive Director Jennifer Jones said the options for obtaining residential listings are not senior-friendly.

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