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4) After getting a good focus set your camera to Aperture priority and f9-f16 to get a sharp drop. This entry was posted in macro, Mix, photography and tagged macro, photography, reflections, water drop on May 26, 2013 by admin. You need to setup your camera in Aperture priority and use f9 Р15 to make the bubbles edges sharper. This entry was posted in Jeddah, Mix, photography and tagged close shot, jeddah, ksa, photography on May 24, 2013 by admin. For one of my project clients want to use Lightbox in there website which is fully build of Flash AS3. It was 27th April 2011 I was just checking out my linkedin profile,  I noticed someone viewed my profile from Google Engineering Recruiter.
On 20th June I received an email from another recruiter stating that he saw in their database I chatted with a recruiter on May but my CV is good enough to fit for the post so he want me to give another chance for telephone interview. From Australia Google office a Software Engineer contacted me and scheduled a technical telephone interview on 7th July 2011. The recruiter sent me the resource for the preparation of the interview that amazed me most. The phone interview is designed to test your CS fundamentals (Big-O notation, coding, algorithms, etc.). On the scheduled day Software Engineer called me on my cell and they sent a link of Google Doc online where I can code. I just shared it with you that it’s not a big deal to apply in Google for Software Engineering position. This entry was posted in Google, Jobs, Look Back, Mix and tagged Google, Jobs, PHP on March 2, 2012 by admin. Getting Real is one of the great book by 37signals for developer, designer or¬†entrepreneur. Deal with the actual problems you’re trying to solve instead of your ideas about those problems.

Focus on building a quality tool that you and your customers can live with for a long time.
Start with a developer, a designer, and a sweeper (someone who can roam between both worlds).
Come up with ideas (Brainstorm), Sketch it in paper, Make mock up html and then go for coding. Make or manage some time at least half of your working time alone without any interruption like email response, phone call, making coffee etc.
Design for regular(The screen people see always), Blank(The screen people see first time) & Error(The screen people see when something goes wrong). Promo Site with overview, tour, screen captures and videos, manifesto , case studies, buzz, forum, pricing & sign-up and weblog. This entry was posted in Holy Quran Translation, Mix and tagged Islam, muslim, prayer on May 12, 2011 by admin. Saudi Top 5000 Companies in ExcelThe leading companies of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 4,880 top companies in 270 classificationsincl.
It includes Memory Management, Database, Registers of the Processors, Assembly Language, Number Conversions, Algorithms etc.
I was excited that time that they contacted second time and it’s now technical interview with a Software Engineer. The interviewer will be interested in the specifics of your past projects, implementations and how you arrived at your conclusions. Be sure to talk through your thought process about the questions you are asked, as well as your approach to problems and solutions. Take Decisions quickly as accepting that mistakes will happen and realize it’s no big deal as long as you can correct them quickly. It will offer suggestions, it will push back and it will tell you where the pitfalls reside.
Meyassar Al-Haddad in his research he came up with that we can represent our prayer times in a line.

If you are planning for the interview or you are scheduled for one just review those subjects. There communication and behavior was so friendly that they were helping me whatever they can.
I want it because one of my client ask for showing preview while they changed the article before publishing or saving it.
It was about 30 minutes interview just to check out if I am ready for a technical interview with a Software Engineer or with the team they are looking for.
A brute force explanation will be received less well than taking time to compose a more efficient solution. So it’s helpful while they change something in text box they can see the preview immediately. Just sharing with you if you really want to prepare yourself for the interview with Google.
Then he gave me some problems and asked me to solve that problems using any programming language.
Even if you are not planning to work with them at least face the interview it’s a good experience.
Free for everyone to share and give feedbacks so we can make it a perfect Muslim prayer time world map. As I am now programing in PHP so I code it in PHP and he helped me lot for making the code perfect.

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