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The critics about Google’s action that occupied the dominating position in Chinese (government approved) media is, it is all about money, and Google is mixing business with politics… In short, Bad!
Ford, as a company, learned that a defective design in its Pinto’s fuel system can cause death in accidents.
With this case, we can easily understand why a small risk in toys sold in IKEA that caused no injure or death needs to be corrected, at the cost of millions of such toys be recalled and changed. These photos were taken back in March 5, 2007, and I didn’t had a chance to post them. Wang Hao told me about the Google Desktop and recommend it to me before our trip to Yang Cheng Lake (my previous trip).
Google is growing and I guess it will continue to grow with the new ideas and the philosophy unchanged.
However, the best thing in Microsoft is, it still keeps the basic ideas of creating software to helping people. Microsoft is still a great company – look at how fast people embrace blogging, social software and new things in server area (with new servers coming out every year). It seems Google guys are too busy with the IPO and AdSense, AdWords and new features, and have no time to dance. You get the PR number from the PageRank indicator (right top of the screen) on Google Tool bar – the small green bar.
All pages before Mowing Lawn have PR2, PR3 or PR4, and all pages after Successful Presentation Skill Training have PR0.
That means, the 30+ pages will get the PR they deserve (at least PR2 I think) at the next Google Dance. As I expected, this entry jumps to the first entry to Google’s search on the phone number.
In essence, Google interprets a link from page A to page B as a vote, by page A, for page B. So to make it easy, just use plain text, write frequently, interlink with each page and develop high quality articles so others are willing to link to you. Google now accepts sites from all around the world, but they only accept English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish sites. According to my Google Adsense Payment History Report, my check for November, 2003 was sent out on December 17, 2003.
Apple has sacked the executive who lead its widely-criticised mobile maps program as part of an ongoing staff overhaul, according to a news report.
Accountancy firm Deloitte has predicted that smartphones will influence ?3.2bn of retail sales this Christmas, as consumers increasingly use their devices to research prices and engage with friends and family via social media. Microsoft has won the patent rights for wearable Augmented Reality glasses that display let live updates on events as they are watched in real life.
The app features driving directions, live traffic view, satellite view, public transport line view and offline view, among others. Samsung has extended its lead over Apple’s iPhone in the global smartphone market, while Android now accounts for a massive 72% chunk of the smartphone OS market, according to new data. Smartphone penetration in the US has passed the 50% threshold for the first time, with apps and web browsing on the rise, according to new research. The US has seen its second drop in the number of SMS messages sent, as internet-powered alternatives such as email and social media become more widely used as a primary communication tool, according to new research. Instagram has launched online profiles that let users showcase themselves and photos they’ve taken with the Facebook-owned smartphone app.
Google’s Android mobile operating system made up 75% of the global smartphone market in the third quarter of 2012, far ahead of Apple's 14.9%, according to new data.
BBC Worldwide, Sky, Lloyds TSB and Vodafone are amongst 25 global brands that have signed up to Microsoft's new Windows 8 advertising platform.
Apple has overhauled its management team and announced that two top executives are to leave the company, in a move that could signal a major culture change at the technology giant. MySupermarket is set to launch a free app that assists grocery shoppers on finding the cheapest prices when purchasing online. Apple is reportedly planning to drop Samsung as manufacturer of its mobile processors, as the rivalry between the two firms intensifies.A report from Citigroup Global Markets, which is Citi's international research division, indicates that Apple is set to switch to Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing for its processing needs. UK restaurant chain Harvester has signed up as one of the first UK advertisers to distribute mobile vouchers using Apple Passbook. Sony has launched its Playstation Mobile Store today, an online gaming marketplace available for smartphones and tablets. 51.3% of European mobile users have used a smartphone in the three month survey period ending July 2012, showing relatively high adoption of the technology. The UK utilised text messaging more than any of the 5 European countries surveyed (91.6%) during the 3 month survey period ending July 2012. Mobile users in France were least likely to play games on their phone, with only 16% using the function. Of all the countries surveyed, German mobile phone users are least likely to access a social network or blog via their handset with 24.3%. Everything Everywhere (EE) has set the launch date for its LTE (4G) launch in the UK, offering Orange and T-Mobile customers with superfast mobile internet connections on 30th October.

Accessing social networks and blogs proved to be the least popular function in Italy with only 27.4%.
Spain showed the highest percentage of people using smartphones over the three month survey ending July 2012 with 60.3%.
Samsung has filed a new lawsuit against Apple, claiming its new iPhone 5 device uses eight patents developed by the South Korean company, without a licence. It is good to prevent fraudulent phone and fax numbers with the help of this freeware program. Not only in China, but also in the States, even in the high-tech camp, Microsoft, and Yahoo! As a basic rule, when we argue, we should not focus on the motivation, since it can never be proved.
But the cost to replace all the 10+ million car parts is significantly higher than just let the accident happen, and pay the victim the money ($137 million versus the $49.5 million price tag put on the death, injury, and car damage). Now it is the legal requires and moral common sense that safety should be placed before any business interest.
The mistake they made… (well, who are we to judge that they made a mistake many years ago? The other mistake is, they didn’t assign the value of the brand image as a safe car into the equation. On the benefit side, there are 600 million USD annual revenue, and potentially, 10x of it in 5 years. I am trying to take the chance to talk more about this in the series later, about the Chinese modern moral standards and the long history of ambiguity of the standard. I still love this company although I don’t want it to grow bigger and become an IBM one day.
It is the monthly re-index of all web pages and recaculate PageRank for each individual web page. With daily page view of about 10,000 and 50,000 visitors from 109 countries, this site has been very successful with Google Ranking. I checked my site randomly (as I didn’t go back through every page as I did before) and found the first Image Ad from Google Adsense.
A lot of webmesters are talking about Image Ad and couldn’t see it after signup for many days. But, Google looks at more than the sheer volume of votes, or links a page receives; it also analyzes the page that casts the vote. The hosting fee for my site is 380 RMB (45.8 USD) per year with PHP, PERL, ASP support and without database. I didn’t count the camera I used, the laptop I used, and most importantly, the time and effort I put into the site. I applied the second time later since Google said they welcome site owners to try again if the application is rejected since their program policy may change.
With the website hosting and domain names covered, more people would be happy to build websites and play with it. This free service will show you the charts of your site performance after you paste your AdSense Report from Google.
You can type in anything you are interested, and the site will give you the answer based on Google search result.
Type in the city you are living in, or the company you are working for to see what Google says about it. Why not share the interesting result you have found with us by utilizing the comment function with this blog entry? It is very interesting to meet people from different culture background – from Seattle, New Zealand, Hong Kong and other part of the world. Technology blog AllThingsD reports that Rich Williamson was fired last week, citing a source familiar with the matter. The recent patent application, published last week, outlines 'Event Augmentation with Real-Time Information' through a pair of specs, similar to Google's Project Glass. The research, from Gartner, found that worldwide sales of mobile phones to end users reached almost 428 million units in the third quarter of 2012, a 3.1% decline from the third quarter of 2011. The move follows Facebook’s acquisition of the company earlier this year, as it looks to boost its photo sharing capabilities and keep users on its social network. The study from market analysis firm IDC attributed the jump in market share to the faltering market reach for Nokia’s Symbian platform and Research In Motion’s Blackberry mobile OS.
These brands will be rolling out Windows 8 Ads in Apps campaigns over the next couple of months. This chart shows that in less than 5 years the number of smartphone users has grown by over 33 million, accounting for 72.2% of total web users. John Browett, the head of retail, is out after just six months in the job and Scott Forstall, the long-serving head of its iPhone software development operations, will go in the new year. Dubbed the ‘MySupermarket Companion App’, the tool automatically recognises the URLs of online supermarket websites before comparing prices of users' baskets with other retailers. The suggested reason for the rise in digital adspend is the statistic that 58% of the UK now own a smartphone.

From October, customers who are using iOS 6 will able to use their iPhone device to download vouchers and send them directly to Apple Passbook making them available immediately to redeem in any Harvester restaurant in the UK. The idea behind this new venture for the company is to offer consumers a cross platform mobile gaming service, which allows users to purchase a title once via the PlayStation Store, and then play the game on certain Android hardware as well as the PlayStation Vita. External apps were popular in the UK with a 56.9% usage rate, exceeding the European average by more than 11%. Users also showed the lowest percentage of people who used a smartphone during the three month survey period ending July 2012 (44.8%). Text messaging was by far the most popular mobile function for Italy with 82.3%, exceeding all other functions by over 40%. Out of the 5 European countries surveyed Spain showed the highest usage levels when it came to listening to music on a mobile phone with 38.1%. The move marks the latest battle between the two phone makers, as the smartphone war intensifies. I thought the Google’s crawling and indexing machine should be as big as a house but they managed to put it into a 400 KB.
I found the Desktop result in traditional Google Search as a new tab and as part of the search result. The expectation from the Wall Street is higher and higher, and the market to defense is increasing while the market to enter is sinking when most markets related to software has become a battle field…. Since Google indexes more than 4 billion webpages with more than 10,000 computers, it takes so long to do the full re-index. According to the Google’s check, the actual time the check was printed was December 19, 2003. Apple provoked outrage when it ditched Google Maps in favour of its own software when the iPhone 5 was launched in September. According to the study Google Android smartphone shipments increased by 91.5% during Q3 2012. These will include Bing apps, Xbox apps, the Skype app and third-party apps independently developed by publishing partners. One of the main reasons for this growth is attributed to the affordability of smartphones over PCs and laptops. The US firm did not say why either man was leaving but both have presided over blunders in recent months. The program - launching next week - will also highlight other ways in which consumers can save money.
By far the most popular form of digital advertising was paid for search which accounted for 59%. French users also engaged the least with external applications with only 39.6% of users accessing them.
The companies are locked in a struggle for supremacy in the global smartphone market, leading to legal cases in courts in as many as 10 countries. Before I find the search button of Outlook, the search result of all the documents on my computer has appeared. I guess they have a large customer service team behind since their responses to my inquiries were fast and to-the-point. Google’s program is unique from other advertisement network since its Ads are generally relative to the content. It is just like the early ages of Microsoft – to create small DOS compared to other big name OS and easily load into any Personal Computer. It may be especially helpful for webmasters in China since not many people are familiar with the check and the process to claim the money. Anyway, I just don’t want to change my hosting since it requires a lot of changes in all the scripts configuration files.
They are monitoring the huge traffic of the Adsense program with the help of Google’s patten matching technology. It is good to Prevent fraudulent phone and fax numbers with the help of this freeware program.
Reminder Yahoo!’s case about the two journalists who are still in jail?), and the universal principle of free information and speech. Now there are too many legacy applications that a service pack has to be hundreds of megabytes.
When a company becomes big, the processes, the systematic thinking and the frameworks seem more important than a great idea. Due to the Adsense Terms and Conditions, I cannot disclose details of my earning, click-through rate related to my site performance.
So expect two months delay of the payment (one month for Google to send the check and one month for the bank to claim you money). High quality of the program and the return on investment is the success factor of AdSense and AdWords.

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