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Even though the number on your caller ID may be the same number as the sheriff’s office, do not be fooled. The suspect then says the caller has missed jury duty and there is a warrant for their arrest. Because of the spoof phone application, it is extremely hard to track the suspect, Hull said.
This is not the first time the Ingham County Sheriff’s Office has been centered in a phone scam.

Any person that receives a call like this should hang up and not give them money, Hull said. Wriggelsworth is warning residents of a phone scam where two victims have lost a total of $800.
The suspect uses a phone application where it disguises, or uses another phone number and identity, Wriggelsworth said. However, the Ingham County Sheriff’s Office does not call people with warrants for their arrest, Hull said.

Hull from the Ingham County Sheriff’s Office, I want to advise you that you missed jury duty, there is a warrant for your arrest.
Carter, professor in the School of Criminal Justice and Director of the Intelligence Program at Michigan State University, said.

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