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This local number is functionally equivalent to the phone numbers hearing people use — no more confusing IP addresses. It also allows emergency services to send help more quickly if you make a 911 call, because they will know your registered location.
For a limited time only Premium VIP Executive Package is available in the USA, UK, India and few other high priority markets.
A very cool app that automatically blocks your phone number from appearing on receivers' phones - it will hide your phone number caller ID. For your convenience you can dial the number manually or select the number from the Contacts List or Call History. Disclaimer: This application automatically detects carrier settings and sends the request to suppress the presentation of your caller ID.
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I need an SMS confirmation for that from a real phone number (and Google Voice is not an option since it doesn't work outside of the USA).

I intend to use my regular phone number, because getting a prepaid simcard contract just to do this verification seems overkill. Im worried because it's the same phone number I use for family, friends and work, and I don't want them to know about my internet businesses.
If no notifications are sent, I don't see a reason to get a prepaid simcard just for this, but I need to be sure that no bullshit notification is going to be sent to people that own my phone number. We have four kids and I want all of them to learn the important things, like their name, how to spell it, their phone number and our address. I ALSO WRITE THINGS ON COPY PAPER AND THEN SLIDE IT IN BETWEEN THE SLATS, SO THAT I CAN CHANGE IT OFTEN (like their school lunch number or a special sight word that they are having trouble with.)   I can just take it out when they have learned it. No one will ever see it and I wrote it in crayon (I told him that he is not allowed to do this!). My kids struggled to learn our phone number, so I set our ipad passcode to be our 10 digit phone number. Our son will be 3 in February, and while he can spell his first name, I think it’ll take him awhile to learn the last name.
My boys are still too little to read any can’t identify all the numbers yet, but they both know my phone number because I put it to a tune.

Some areas don’t have to use all ten digits (while some do) but with all the cell phone overlaps, seven digits may not be enough in an emergency! Plus, our last name is Chiodo-Benmuvhar, so we would need a king-sized bunk bed to fit it all on there (or that old banner style copy paper to wrap around the whole room LOL!). Since I intend to run a fanpage, I guess this is irrelevant because fanpages have no "friends"???
Another piped up that he knew where his classmate lived, by the river and I thought that was cute.gr8 bedtime learning ideas. We have this joke that if he can spell his last name before kindergarten, he should go straight to the gifted program LOL!

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