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In Russia, social netwks and mass media outlets actively discuss news rets about a brawl between Russian and Ukrainian tourists in a Turkish hotel. In Russia the ?no visa? situation was misinterpreted at first, due to the growing tension between Mosw and Washington over developments in Ukraine and MH17 crash two days pri to the US nsular database going .
Ezra Levant talks to guest Sean Reid about Dalton McGuinty's new tax on certain tradespeople, including barbers. Raw milk advocate and dairy farmer Michael Schmidt, and his lawyer, Karen Selick, receive a small court victory today in their battle against udder nonsense.
Ezra Levant takes BC Premier Christy Clark to task for asking for a 'fair share' and trying to unjustly exploit the oilsands. Economist and author, David Goldman, on how the economic fallout from the Arab Spring is like a modern-day plague for Egypt. Republican Congressman Lee Terry on his renewed fight to get Keystone XL construction going without presidential permission. Christy Clark's recent comments and stance against the pipelines put her in direct conflict with both the nation and the constitution. Ezra Levant lauds David 'The Menzoid' Menzies' recent sting which shows political correctness is dangerous for Canada and allows laws to be broken. John Robson joins Ezra Levant to discuss why it is a bad idea to let China buy up too much of a stake in Alberta's oilsands. Firearms expert, John Lott, shoots down the hysteria over calls for more gun control following the mass shootings in Aurora and Scarborough. Clark said that if Alberta oil companies dona€™t pay her a a€?fair sharea€? of oilsands money, shea€™s going to block the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline to the west coast. Could you imagine if a local politician, back in the 1880s, didna€™t want the Canadian Pacific Railway to go through, or in the 1950s didna€™t want the Trans-Canada Highway to go through a€“ unless the trains or trucks stopped and paid a big toll? Ita€™s illegal under our constitution, of course a€“ the federal government, with its larger vision and responsibilities, gets to make those decisions. If the federal government doesna€™t ensure fair transit across the country, the results are disastrous a€“ like what happened to Newfoundland and Labrador, with the Churchill Falls power plant. They wouldna€™t let the plant export their power a€“ they forced them to sell to Quebec under extremely cheap terms. According to former premier Danny Williams, Hydro Quebec makes about $1.7 billion a year off the plant.
But to get from the Port of Vancouver to the rest of Canada, youa€™ve got to go through Alberta by rail or highway. What if Alberta decided to demand a toll on anything coming or going to the Port of Vancouver?

How many people have been killed on Alberta highways because of semi-trailers racing to or from Vancouver? Tarek Fatah answers why ita€™s not Islamophobic for severely normal Canadians to want to keep Khadr out of Canada. Ezra Levant points out the hypocrisy and opportunism of BC Premier Christy Clarka€™s demands to support the construction of the Northern Gateway Pipeline. Lorrie Goldstein on the politics of pipelines and why ita€™s nonsense for politicians to want absolute energy security with zero environmental risk. Second, it's an encouraging sign that Toews will not be railroaded into taking Khadr by the left-wing media-legal industrial complex in Canada, which has all concluded the celebrity terrorist is a hero, and we Canadians are the evil ones. Rather than making a political decision, Toews is applying the law - which requires him to assess the dangerousness of Khadr before allowing him in.
Another leading expert, a psychologist named Alan Hopewell, also interviewed Khadr on tape. He has no ties to Canada other than his sister and mother in Toronto who are unrepentant supporters of al-Qaida, who are egging him on, encouraging him to continue as a terrorist, to pick up where his dad left off. If Omar Khadr isn't kept out by this list of warning factors, then no criminal can ever be kept out, because there will never be another prisoner who is more in violation of these rules than Khadr is. Bravo to Vic Toews for standing up to Omar Khadr - and Khadr's fifth column in our Canadian society.
Jason Kenney tells Ezra Levant why the government is going to do due dilligence before allowing Omar Khadr to return. Ezra Levant looks at how the Canadian government took the right first step in keeping Omar Khadr out of Canada. Jason Loftus of The Epoch Times on marking the 13th anniversary of the Chinese regimea€™s persecution of the Falun Gong people. TORONTO -- Shoban Kapoor is terrified to have a terrorist like Omar Khadr walking the streets of Toronto, so she started an online petition to keep him out. Khadr, now 26, was sentenced at Guantanamo Bay to 40 years in jail for terrorist activities, but under a plea deal he only had to serve eight.
After spending one additional year at Guantanamo, he became eligible to serve the remainder of his sentence in Canada. Ezra Levant looks at how Guantanamo Bay prisoners return to terrorism, despite what the main-stream media thinks. A feminista€™s response to the Muslim street preacher who says women should be fined for dressing provactively. Destinations, Dreams and Dogs - International adventure with a fast-track family (& dogs) of Old World values, adopting the Russian-Italian-American good life on the go…!

The 5-year Russian Passport may be sent to you via a prepaid mailer (which you provide), whereas the 10-year Russian Passport must be picked up in person (but the child need not appear in person again). Check with your nearest Russian Embassy or Consulate for updated information, and to ensure that the above information is reliable and current. It is very interesting that in the United Kingdom you can go to the Russian Consulate on Wednesday afternoons from 2-5 and they will fill out the forms for you and check your documents right there for you. The DC Embassy hours are Monday and Thursday afternoons, so the lady asked if we could come in on a Wednesday….???
Wele to the start page of the official site of the nsulate General of the Russian Federation in New Yk. Secret Service has arrested a Russian man who is accused of hacking ste puters to steal thousands of credit card numbersrs. Say, a $10,000 tax per train or a $1,000 toll per 18-wheeler that crosses pristine Alberta soil?
How many train derailments a€“ including trains carrying toxic chemicals a€“ must Alberta endure, just to make B.C.
Michael Welner, America's leading forensic psychiatrist, spent hundreds of hours researching everything about Khadr, and then talked with him, on camera, for eight hours. He is more jihadist than ever - even refusing to meet with liberal Muslim chaplains sent to him at Guantanamo Bay. An eight-hour videotaped interview of Khadr, conducted by leading forensic psychiatrist Dr. Ita€™s the entry point for pretty much everything sailing in from Asia to the rest of the country a€“ every Japanese car, every Chinese iPhone and flat screen TV. President Barack Obama pressured Canada into agreeing to take Khadr, even though Khadr murdered a U.S. He has refused to acknowledge that what he did was wrong, or that his father's terrorism before him was wrong. Passport, 4 passport-sized photos of the child, and 2 passport-sized photos of the applying parent, along with your downloaded and printed Application Form.
Premier Christy Clark to extort money out of Alberta in return for a€?lettinga€? Alberta have access to the Pacific. He has a Rolodex of hundreds of fellow terrorists who have been his friends for 10 years - 600 of whom have been released, many of whom are back committing terrorism.

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