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It’s been a big year of growth for Carson Lueders and his music since first appearing here on Rivenmaster’s Place.  Carson’s fan base has exploded and is reaching around the globe.
Because Carson is so young, having just turned 11, he seems to be standing out and separating himself from the pack of older teen boys that are competing in the saturated music market. Although he started out playing mostly country music, Carson is now leaning more towards pop music.
Carson:                I was a finalist in Spokane’s Got Talent show this past year and this spring I auditioned for America’s Got Talent. Rivenmaster:     Where do you think your musical talent comes from?  Are your parents also musically inclined?
Rivenmaster:      Out of all of your performances, which would you say is your all time favorite? Carson:                My most favorite event was the 2011 AMA National Pro Motocross Race in Washougal, WA.
Carson:                 It would be super cool to share the stage with Keith Urban or Adam Lavine. Rivenmaster:      I know you ride motocross, but what else do you enjoy doing when not singing or writing music? Carson:                 My brother and I continue to race motocross, and this summer has been a blast. Rivenmaster:       You have a big support team in your family that supports your dreams.  Do you have any other people that you would like to mention that help you on a daily or weekly basis with your musical career? Carson:                 Yes, my family is a big support, and I’m very thankful for the musical instruments and equipment that they have provided for me.
If it weren’t for my great supporters, I wouldn’t be where I am today!  I really do have the best fans!!! Due to the fact that Alec has become one of the most popular young talents on this website we have dedicated a corner just to him.
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At just 17, Singer, Songwriter, Performer Lyric Dubee is probably one of the fastest growing artists in all of Canada.
With Lyric continuing with his writing of new material and his new band backing him up his music sounds better than ever! I must say that I have all four of Lyrics CD's and have been following him since the very beginning of his music career.

While he has one other short film to his credit (Diwali (2013), he is completely new to acting . With thousands of youngsters from all over the world auditioning for this role he was the choice of the casting panel. One other interesting note about this new movie is that, while the film has many professional actors doing voice overs for the animal characters. Theo was introduced here last November and has continued to gain momentum in his part of the world. Dalton Cyr continues to be one of the fastest growing young artists, and now actor to have hit Hollywood CA in a long time. This site is proud to have been a Dalton Cyr supporter since he first began his career and will continue to do all we can. This collection of amazingly produced songs includes titles such as "Nessun Dorma", "Pie Jesu", "Amor Ti Vieta", "Caruso", "The Prayer", "When You Believe", "Time To Say Goodbye", along with two brand new never released Originals by Sheridan. Amazing Texan guitarist, singer, performer Griffin Tucker won the Texas top 10 under 20 guitar players last summer. The show is the end of April so if at all possible make your reservation now to see, hear, meet this amazing young artist! As soon as we have a date locked down we will be sure to announce it here so you don't miss out on the latest news regarding Alex B.
Custom WASHINGTON REDSKINS Phone Case Cover with Your Name & Jersey Number for Samsung Galaxy s6, s6 Edge, s5, s5 ACTIVE, Note 4 & More! Custom WASHINGTON REDSKINS phone Case Cover with your name (first name, last name or any name you like) and your Favorite Jersey Number on the case. INSTRUCTIONS:  Select your phone model type, case color, and phone case type through the drop down box. The above cases are black and made of quality hard plastic.  These phone cases are lightweight and sure to fit your phone perfectly. He has been a guest on local radio since age six, and has been featured on the local news throughout the years. Do you have a favorite?  Also you have a new single out, what inspired that song and will it be featured on a CD in the future? This is the 3rd year trying out and I almost made it with a “YES” to the San Francisco celebrity judge show!  A producer was assigned to me along with camera interview time and everything, but then I was cut just a few days before the show due to overbooking. I would definitely say my musical talent is a gift from the Lord since no one else in the family can sing!   It seems like music was always just in me.  My parents recognized this at an early age and signed me up for guitar and vocal lessons right after I turned five. Our family does all sorts of water sports on the lake (water-ski, jet ski, wakeboard, knee board, tube and even parasail).

They are always encouraging me to keep going!  I have some diehard fans that tell me they watch my videos every day.
However, when you see him on screen you will be amazed with his ability to play the convincing role of Mowgly. You can be sure that this is just the beginning of what is sure to be a long and happy musical career for this very talented and handsome young artist from Romania!
The long awaited CD for musical singing prodigy Sheridan Archbold released first to CD Baby, and soon on iTunes, Amazon, and other online stores.
Also, because it's close to the Christmas Season "Oh Holy Night" will also be on this collection, as well as a Surprise Bonus Track.
Because of that win, it was requested that he play at the Dallas International Guitar Festival this year. Everyday fans send him words of encouragement, compliments and even marriage proposals.  Carson appreciates it all, including all the fan videos and picture collages.
He’s produced hits on Disneymania and Disney movie soundtrack High School Musical and Hanna Montana.
He has such great rhythm and can learn new songs really fast.  All the fans want to hear him sing in the videos too but I’m not sure that’s his thing. Another memorable performance was when I played for a charity event called Blessings Under the Bridge. It was such an honor to have him comment on my “For You” cover video and post it on his Facebook and twitter. We are so proud of Alec who not only encourages young people to get out from behind their video games and computers to enjoy a healthy life in the outdoors, but brings an exciting adventure and education to both the young and the old in each segment.
He is the new little star in Today's Movie release of The Jungle Book directed by Jon Favreau.
Thank you Alec for being such an amazing teen and we are honored to know you and to support your endeavors.
I’ve been playing more pop music than country these days, but I still think Keith’s music is awesome!

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