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Had the misfortune of phoning eBay for someone this morning and found another phone number alternative to there 0845 customer service number. I am surprised they want to increase your premium as I have found them quite good at estimating mine. Perhaps it was the 11.5% increase that I saw on the internet as a possible annual inc, that prompted the decision !! France Mailing Lists & Sales LeadsFrance Businesses for sale 980,000 Business Sales Leads in 2,700 Trade Categories incl. When traveling in a different culture, sometimes it’s the little things one doesn’t know that end up being the most surprising…and occasionally unnerving. Numbers – You may have noticed that the French generally use commas rather than decimal points in their numbers. Also worth noting when you get to big numbers in the thousands and millions, the French indicate this with spaces while we use commas. One other note, the French tend to cross their sevens so as to distinguish them from the number one. And French rose expert Elsie de Raedt opens her Loire Valley manor house and gardens to visitors, again by appointment only. Coffee – At the end of French lunches and dinners, coffee – that would be expresso since the French put milk in their coffee only at breakfast – is served AFTER dessert.
Tipping – In French restaurants, a tip of about 18% is built in to the price of items on the menu. Books – Besides the language factor, French books differ from their American counterparts in two visible ways. Clocks and Time – Last but not least, the French regularly use the 24-hour or military clock to avoid any scheduling snafus – and the need to use AM or PM.

Not interested in gardens, but look forward to another trip, perhaps to the Riviera or some place wonderful in the mountains! You definitely put an impressive touch on a topic that has been controversial for all times. In France, driving tends to be a breeze since the French conduisent (drive) on the right as we do, but there other situations or characteristics of French life that can be the opposite of American culture.
They like to wish their friends and family members bonne annee et bonne sante (happy new year and good health) each year. For example, when you see prices on restaurant menus, shop items and market goods, the ‘cents’ will be what follows the comma.
The ‘area code’ consists of the first two numbers and the number pairs can be set off by periods or spaces.
Both French school kids and adults like the orderly ambiance graph paper provides – perhaps this is the key to their wonderful handwriting skills? Train schedules, airline flights, shop hours, restaurant reservations all function on the 24-hour clock. From the tons of comments on your articles, I guess I am not the only one having all the leisure here! I would like my monthly reduced as last year I paid 36 euro per month a total of 360 euro and received a refund of 257.01 euro and this year they have increase the payment to 60 euro.
I have pulled together a short list of these small cultural pieges (traps) that can make or break your time in France. This French bistro menu has les escargots at 7,50 euros for a half dozen or 11,50 euros for a dozen – garlic butter included! The French often write and say the numbers in groups of two, whereas Americans reel off their numbers in groups of 3, 3 and 4 – the area code, then the two parts of the 7-digit number. Alternatively, if the abbreviation cuts off the ending letters of the word, then a period shows up.

In point of fact, when paying your restaurant bill by credit card, the French credit card slip usually will not include a space for tips.
So when you put French books on your bookshelf you have to decide if you want the front cover or the spine to align with the rest of your books?! Or maybe it’s the fountain pens everyone uses in France? In any case, Rhodia is the brand of choice when it comes to these graphic works of art. So there is a two to three week period each season where the standard time differences between the U.S. This sign at the legendary Chateau Margaux in the Bordeaux region indicates that tours of the winery are available by appointment only with the contact phone number provided. I notice that Americans don’t touch the bread basket at restaurants, much to the consternation of the French wait staff.
However, in return for good service, the French leave a good will gesture of some pocket change or small bills on the table – the rule of thumb is no more than 5% extra. Second, French books often have the table of contents at the end of the book rather than at the beginning. I have been meaning to write something like this on my website and you have given me an idea.
I am seeing more French books place it at the front nowadays but if you’re curious what’s in a book in France and can’t find the list of contents, check the back of the book. I don't know how people can live with running around the house switching things off to have other things on.

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