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The vast majority of iPhone fans only need a quick glance to figure out which iPhone model a certain device is.
I've been doing this for a long time even with iPads, especially on online stores, some of whom can mix up images and names, long as the model number is correct, you know what you buying. Orange Designs Available Thread Color Available for Name, Number and Design This listing is for a small custom made dog collar just for you.
Now, the print is very small, meaning that you might need to use a magnifying glass before deciphering the code.

We will embroider your dog's name and phone number on the collar along with a design of your choice.
Once that's done, check out the codes below to find out which iPhone model you're looking at. Please provide us with the following information for your dog collar through ebay messaging. Color for Design If you require a different size please let us know and we will make the size you need.

If you purchase more than one item from us we will combine shipping and the items will all be shipped together. ID Tags get lost or broken The embroidery on this collar will not wear off, it is sewn through the webbing making the phone number very visible.

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