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Telus Phone Book provides the phone numbers to their clients such as Residential Clients, Business Clients, Operator Assisted Calling, Repair Service, etc totally free. In Canada, Telus is a national telecommunications company that provides a wide range of communications products and services including data, voice, entertainment, Internet protocol (IP) and video. Telus is a member of the British Columbia Technology Industry Association and it is based in Burnaby, British Columbia.

604 area code 604 - map, time zone, and phone lookup, Lookup area code 604 on the 604 area code map in british columbia, canada plus get the timezone and current time.
604 Area Code 604 - Map, time zone, and phone lookup Lookup area code 604 on the 604 area code map in British Columbia, Canada plus get the timezone and current time.
Telus phone book provide advanced search by address, category, phone number and by proximity.

Enter a 7-digit number in our reverse phone number lookup for general listings or a 10-digit one for a specific listing.

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