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If you need help in Applying, Renewing or Replacing a Passport, or reporting a Lost or Stolen Passport, you should contact the Passport advice line on 0844 496 0605. Please note that it can take AT LEAST 3 weeks to receive your passport; if you need one urgently then there are other services you can use. If you are living in the UK you can apply online and then Her Majesty’s Passport Office will send it back to the stated address for you to check and sign and send back. In most cases, your new passport will be delivered by a Courier between 8am and 6pm Monday to Saturday, or it may come by Royal Mail Recorded Delivery. If you wish to change any personal information, such as a name or address through marriage or changing a name by deed poll then call the passport office now and then will give you help and advice on how to go about this.
If you have lost your Passport or it has been damaged, or you believe it has been stolen, then you will need to replace it.
The Passport office is solely responsible for civil registration services through the general register office and is the only issuer of United Kingdom Passports.
HM Passport Office is responsible for the administration of civil registrations in England and Wales and providing passport services to British nationals who live in the United Kingdom and providing services in association with partners Foreign and Commonwealth offices to those residing overseas. Alternatively you can pick up a form from the post office and fill it in and take it back to use the Post Office’s check and send service. The Passport Office will not be responsible for any applications or supporting documents that you send.
If you are not at home they will leave a calling card explaining how you can rearrange delivery, or collect from your local, sorting office.

Any time you have left on an existing passport will be added on to your one (up to a maximum of 9 months).
NOTE – due to heavy demand, applications can take longer between April and September so please apply as soon as you can. You should do this quickly as any uncollected Passports will be returned to the Passport Office after 7 days. It was first established in 2006 and provides trusted passport operations and and accurate and secure records of key events.
HM Passport Office have over 50 passport interview offices in the UK and issue over 5 million passports each year.
If you have any queries about this, then speak to one of the Customer advisors on 0844 496 0605. They can help you to apply for a passport, renew your existing one, get an emergency passport, and prevent identity fraud if your passport is lost or stolen.
Payment for your new passport, if you are applying by post, can be made by debit of credit card by completing the appropriate section of the form, or by cheque or Postal Order, (payable to HM Passport Office). The General Register Office for England and Wales became a subsidiary of HM Passport Office in 2008. This is why it is especially important to keep your passport safe and prevent it from being stolen. If your passport is stolen use the passport contact number to report it to HM Passport Office at the earliest opportunity, to protect yourself from identity fraud.How Do You Apply For A Passport?You can apply for a passport online using an application form.

If you require a passport quickly, call the HM Passport Office to book an interview at one of their passport interview offices.
You can get an emergency passport within 4 hours at an extra cost.Lost Passport Causes Family To Miss Dream HolidayOctober 28th, 2014A family of six had to cancel their holiday because one of their passports went missing at the airport. The family, from Bishop Auckland travelled to Manchester Airport to fly to Florida but when they got to the boarding gate, they realised their passport had gone missing.The passport was found the following day in the arrivals hall and it is believed that it may have fallen onto the baggage carousel when the family were checking in their bags.
They are then taken aside and asked to prove that they are the legal guardians.However, data has suggested that just 30% of children under 18 now have the same name as only one of their parents. A survey conducted by YouGov said of those who travelled abroad, a third said that their child’s surname had delayed them at border control at least once.
Now, in the face of this scandal, citizens are calling for them to include both parents’ names as well. DISCLAIMER Customer Service Guru is a telephone directory and call routing service and is not connected to Passport.
The direct contact number for Passport can be found in the public domain or on their official website.

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