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Update: I forgot to mention the important point that it seems to be triggered by updates to your Places dashboard!
There are also at least four seven a large number of reports of a strain of bug not previously seen.
The SPNB1 might be triggered by an update to the Places Page since it wasn’t there for us earlier this morning. I’d be curious to know if this could be rectified by submitting a feed (XLS document with location data in it).
I’d also be interested to know if the smooshed phone number appears in the feed download file (Places lets you export the data as well as import). Joy Hawkins has reported in the forums that if you remove the phone number from the phone number field and add it back in and save the record, the display of the phone number will return to normal. Plus I tweeted the problem to Vanessa at Google this AM and she jumped right on it and helped a lot too.

Did you know 123video De Grootste Van Nederland is most likely the hottest topics in this category? Since I gave you the advice to edit your account I felt responsible even tho I knew that tiny edit could not have caused the problem. Once I saw that the reports were multiplying, I felt it urgent to get the post out to save folks the agro. I was just thrilled you jumped right on it and started blogging as soon as you saw it start to multiply. As for the people that have already been affected, we’re still working on a fix for those accounts.
It manifests itself by smooshing (a very technical geek term) your phone number together twice in the phone number field.
If I see the problem a second time my ears perk up… by the third time, it is clear to me that something is going on and its time to call in the cavalry.

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