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Whether you select a local or toll-free phone number for your business, you can enjoy the benefits of a free phone number with eVoice with a free trial.
You’ll have your own Auto Attendant, to answer every call with a professionally recorded greeting. You can even use our popular Voicemail-to-Email feature, which converts your voicemails to audio files and emails them to you, so you can listen to your messages on your computer or tablet when you don’t have your phone nearby. Forward Your Business Calls to Any Number, Anytime One of the great advantages of eVoice is that you can receive calls on your business phone number but answer them on any phone — by forwarding them to your personal mobile or home phone, or even to a colleague’s phone. Get Your Voicemails Emailed to You or Your Colleagues Another great reason to use the eVoice virtual phone system is the flexibility you'll enjoy in how, when and where you can listen to your messages — or even "read' them. As a subscriber of Charter, you are entitled to get access to fast, reliable customer support when you need assistance with your account. One of the techniques to make the process of contacting charter technical support  more convenient is to know the right department to call regarding specific issues or requests.
Now, Charter also has a specific charter technical support number for their business or corporate subscribers, which is 800 314 7195. If the charter tech support number is too congested or the wait times are too long, you can also try calling Charter through other customer service and support numbers. You can also go to the Charter website and go through the various help topics and troubleshooting FAQs posted. Toll free 800, 888, 877, 866, 855, or 844 numbers that give your business a nationwide presence.
As a bonus, we'll give your business a polished image with a FREE professional recording from our Voice Talent Studio. You'll meet with your personal Account Manager who will customize, configure, and set up your greetings, extensions, and voicemails for you, at no extra cost. You'll know it's a customer calling, so you can answer professionally or send the caller straight to your company voicemail. Turn your smart phone into your business phone, so you can stay in synch with your business from anywhere! Vanity toll free numbers (e.g., 1-800-FLOWERS) help people to remember your number - it's as simple as that! Your Virtual Receptionist (also called an auto-attendant or auto-receptionist) welcomes callers and directs them to departments, employees and information. On-hold music or a custom message keeps your callers engaged while they are being forward or transferred to an extension.
Add as many employee and department extensions as you need to create a flexible structure to connect staff working from multiple locations.
Use this advance call forwarding feature to connect up to three other phone lines, including home, mobile, or office numbers.
With call forwarding, you and your employees can be reached on virtually any telephone in the world whether on your cell, in the office, or at home. After hours mode lets your callers hear your custom main greeting when you're open, and an alternate greeting after hours. We'll give your business a polished image with a professionally recorded greeting from our Voice Talent Studio.
You can access your UniTel Voice dashboard from any browser with your username and secure password. Our smart phone app turns your cell phone into your business phone, allowing you to make outbound calls that display your company's caller ID. Your Virtual Office allows you to make outbound calls that display your company's caller ID.

The Virtual Office Phone System allows on-the-go entrepreneurs to run their business from their cell phone yet sound as if they have an expensive Fortune 500 Company phone system. January 14, 2014:855 number becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to 800 numbers and 877 numbers for toll free calling. Many telemarketers use fake phone numbers and in-country area codes to scam people into believing they are getting called by people they know.
Finding a toll-free number used to be easy, but the overall decrease in phone service costs have led a lot of businesses to offer toll-free service in order to increase sales or as a measure of good will. Surveys have found that many traditional brick-and-mortar companies doing business-to-business work will not deal with a company that charges for a call, even though the cost of long distance has become almost nominal over the past 20 years. Special note: Phone toll charges are paid by you, so make sure that you are getting the lowest possible rate, and use phone tracking software to understand how long your customer service people are on the phone, and whether your calls are leading toward sales.
Once your free phone number is activated, you can start enjoying the sophisticated features of a big-company phone system — without the big expense.
Your service will also include Advanced Call Routing, which lets you easily set rules online for where to send your calls — rules you can change as often as you need. You set the rules for when and where to route calls — you can route them to a single number or multiple numbers, and ring each number in sequence or simultaneously.
You can set up your service to convert voicemails into MP3 or WAV audio files, which we'll email to you.
This means you’ll be able to greet every caller professionally, project a big-company image, and make it easy for callers to quickly reach you or the right person in your organization.
There are instances when you will need to call the charter support phone number to report an outage or service interruption, or if you have questions about your bill. You can choose among different communication mediums in accessing Charter services, here’s how. Calling this number will give you the full spectrum of customer support departments across Charter, whether you need help with billing, or specific issues regarding your cable, Internet, or phone service. This support team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and they cater to the technical support needs of business customers. Your Account Manager customizes your call routing, extensions, and greetings to ensure you're up and running immediately! You can keep your existing toll free or local number – just port it over to UniTel Voice at no extra cost. You'll know it's a customer calling your cell, so you can answer the call professionally or send them straight to your company voicemail.
You can customize your hours of business for every day of the week with a few mouse clicks. Since you manage your virtual office phone system online, no software or hardware is required! It's designed specifically to meet the needs of mobile business professionals, freelancers, consultants, startup companies, home-based businesses, and every small business in between. Initially, 1-800 numbers were the solution for toll free calling, but then 877 numbers were introduced.
Since the 1980s, customers have come to expect toll-free service when communicating with companies for customer service and purchasing issues. This is because there are some very traditional business owners who monitor even the smallest expenses, and will not cast a toll call in a positive light, even if it is for basic information that takes a few minutes to gather. You will also need to contact the charter support number if you want to upgrade or make changes to your existing subscription, or if you are moving and need to move your subscription as well. This is especially helpful especially if you are trying to reach a Charter telephone representative during a particularly busy time of the day, or if there is an outage and many other subscribers are calling.

Meanwhile, if you are a new customer, the first number you should call to inquire about Charter’s services, bundles, and availability in your area is 877 906 9121, which is their dedicated number for new service.
The concerns and information available to residential subscribers are often very different from those of business subscribers, and proper handling and procedures are necessary to correctly address them. You might even find this to be a lot faster and more convenient than having to wait a few minutes to speak to a representative. With unlimited extensions, voicemails, and call handling, your customers will never hear a busy signal again. And if you're not 100% satisfied within 30 days, we'll give you a full refund, no questions asked.
The Virtual Office Phone System is a completely customizable small business virtual phone system that works with your existing phones - there's no software to download or hardware to maintain.
Companies also found that their return rates were lower when customer support with toll-free service was included, and returns can represent a significant negative impact on profitability, so toll-free customer support lines have become the norm for large and small companies alike. Another side of using old 800 number is that you don't know what kind of phone service may have used the numbers in the past, and some very questionable organizations may have put ads in places that still get read, and still generate bad phone calls. Instead of calling the general charter support phone number and going through the automated system to be routed to the right department, your wait time will be shorter if you know how to directly reach specific departments. With both of these support numbers, you can directly get hold of a representative that can help with your queries or concerns. Also, if you are online you can opt to contact a virtual Charter agent who can assist with your concern. Furthermore, vanity numbers which may not be available in the 1-800 and 1-877 range can be purchased in the 1-855 area code. Getting a toll free number is in fact very easy, and the phone number can be forwarded to any other line (including a cell phone) so even a microbusiness can look like a larger enterprise while offering free support to clients and sales prospects.
There are also people who buy up giant batches of old 800 numbers in order to reroute the traffic to solicitation and other purposes, which means that it is impossible to get many 800 numbers since they are owned by brokers who are not interested in selling them. The Virtual Office Phone System provides small businesses with a local or toll free number combined with the power of an enterprise virtual PBX service. Finally, any company that is taking incoming sales calls should have 800, 877, or 855 area code numbers in place in order to make more sales. Since virtual PBX service is cloud-based and hosted completely online, it can easily connect teams working remotely by routing incoming calls to an unlimited number of extensions and phones regardless of employee location. For example, when a customer calls your business phone number, they are professionally greeted by a custom auto-attendant, and routed to the proper phone, extension, or voicemail box. The Virtual Office Phone System provides small business owners with an all-in-on, easy-to-use small business virtual phone system priced and designed for growing companies and on-the-go entrepreneurs. It includes internet fax to email, toll free number service, voicemail to email, toll free number forwarding, virtual PBX service with a customizable auto-attendant, and many more award-winning features. UniTel Voice offers this affordable small business virtual phone system starting at just $4.95 per month. There are no setup fees, no contracts, and all plans include a 30-day money back guarantee so there's no risk to get started.

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