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She can also recognize the numbers 0 through 10 and knows how to talk on the phone, but when I asked her to dial our phone number there was a complete cognitive disconnect. The buttons seem large and easy to push, but I question the wisdom of the parent-oriented record and program buttons being easily accessible on the front panel. The toy is rated for ages 3-and-up, probably due to a potential strangulation hazard with the phone cord.
Phone address book template - ms office templates, It is powerful phone address book template designed in ms excel for manage contacts.
Address book - wikipedia, free encyclopedia, An address book or a name and address book (nab) is a book or a database used for storing entries called contacts.
Address book software, address label software, address, Our address book software is very easy to use.
1123 x 1600 jpeg 213kB, Note: The populated pages have the address details printed on to them.

Address book template - samplewords forms & documents, The free printable address book template simple document print write address book information. Address book template - printable business form templates, Print address book page binder track contact information family friends.. Help your child learn their phone number with these easy-to-use phone number helper sheets. My 2-year-old daughter has memorized her phone number, street address, her parent’s places of work and a vague description of what we do. Here is the pivotal unanswered question: how easy or hard is it for a toddler to punch those buttons and erase the configured phone number or parental message?
Judging by the sample pages (540K PDF), the 32-page book appears to be for older children who have begun to write.
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Second, your child should be responsible enough to recognize that a phone is not a toy, unlike, uh, the toy phone you gave him.
Depending on what is pushed, the child might hear a dial tone, busy signal or phone ringing. When the correct phone number is typed, the child hears the parent’s prerecorded message.

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