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These are the days of faster upgrade of mobile devices and we are changing mobile handsets more frequently.
Most of the mobiles do have an option to backup your mobile phonebook but they all save the backup file in a proprietary format.
Once you have converted the VCF in to CSV, you can Edit the converted .CSV file as you want with this "CSVEd" software which is Free or you can also use MS Excel to do this.
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If you live in a single family home, you may put your phone books in your recycling bin or recycling cart. Google a inclus dans son outil de recherche web classique une fonction qui affiche automatiquement les adresses et numeros de telephones correspondant a la requete, des lors qu'il s'agit de residents des Etats-Unis. Il est possible bien entendu de demander a ne pas apparaitre dans ces listings (qui sont par ailleurs publics). Remarque : si vous souhaitez poser une question ou detailler un probleme technique, il ne faut pas utiliser le formulaire ci-dessous qui est reserve aux avis.
Votre avis :Decrivez comment vous utilisez ce produit, ce qui vous plait le plus et ce que vous aimeriez voir amelioreExprimez-vous en francais correct en faisant des phrases (au moins une vingtaine de mots). Point being anywhere a phone exists there’s most likely internet access or WiFi, making your product obsolete.
Meanwhile if you’re not building a time capsule here is where to recycle your phone book.
While the popular myth is that this industry is responsible for the neutering of forests, the reality is the Yellow Pages industry doesn’t knock down any trees for its paper!!!
There will always be a good percentage of the population that will never have access to the industry’s Internet products.
However, if they’re still in use SOME places, then find, allow us to Opt Out of receiving the books. How about this for a solution: have an online address where you can either stop receiving the phone book altogether or just have it sent to you as a link to a PDF online. I’ve probably referenced the phone book five times in the past year, three of them for yellow pages.
It took us approximately five minutes to work through the opt-out process by phone with DEX and Yellow Book. A Yellow Book representative asked for a personal phone number during the opt-out process, saying it was needed so the company could call next year to see if we still wanted to opt-out. There is one function in which physical phone books have an advantage oner the web: Looking up businesses.
Not only that, but in addition to finding businesses on mobile devices or using GOOG-411, I can also see customer reviews, so if a certain tailor has a history of botching clothes I can avoid them. Sorry, but properly used the internet is a tool akin to a precision laser, whereas a phone book is a rock tied to a stick. I think this comment may have been applicable in the late 90s, before everyone advertised on the Net.

But now since everyone under the sun has a website, it’s easier to search, research, and purchase products and services online.
The search engines, Internet, and a technologically advanced younger generation will be the death of the printed Yellow Pages.
For those of us who have actually had to deal with the salespeople at the above mentioned companies have seen first hand the corporate arrogance that runs deep. What I don’t understand is the money that is spent advertising on things like billboards or radio. I guess what I’m saying is that a printed phone book is no more or less relevant than the internet. Most of us have forgotten to keep a written backup of any mobile number and when we do not have our mobile along, we are helpless.
All the phones have this function but the problem is each and every entry is saved as a separate file. After the conversion, the .csv file recognised the phone numbers as numbers and omitted all the + signs for the country code. I would rather have my trusty phone book to look up a number than pay someone to look it up for me.
Send out a poll, do a survey (I can write you one on Zoomerang for free!) and at least find out how much money (in actual dollars and time) the phone companies could save just by allowing customers to opt out. They’re sometimes even useful, when Google gives you too many results for a business you want to find. If they put it online, accessible via text message, whatever, they could probably get more people to use it (fancy that!) and not have to spend however much money on paper, ink, shipping and plastic to give everyone a free fire starter.
When we declined to provide a phone number, the Yellow Book representative said we may still receive unwanted phone books. Why do we allow pushy people selling overpriced ad space in a dying market make us feel we are nothing without them? You will find this type of contact files when you try to backup your entire contacts from your mobile to memory card. Free vector image to create company logos, application icons, stickers, banner decorations and interface buttons.
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90% of all adults reference them at least once a year, 75% in a typical month, and 50+% on average month.
Currently, on average, most publishers are using about 40% recycled material (from the newspapers and magazines you are recycling curbside), and the other 60% comes from wood chips and waste products of the lumber industry.
The Verizon phone book sitting at my prents’ house is small and relatively easy to find stuff in.
I received a bag full of updated books about two weeks ago and have yet to even bring them inside.

I have found that most people are bullied into believing that the price they are paying is the price everyone else is paying and its just the way it is. If you take a round tree and make square or rectangular lumber from it, you get plenty of chips and other waste. But, surprisingly enough when I go home and want to look up a phone number for a local business or person, I head to the phone book. It’s nice that you have the Internet, but a lot of people still do not (my mother for one) or with dial up it takes so long to get a search downloaded and useful, that a phone book is much faster, so phone books are still a necessity for some. As I look up and down the hall of my complex, I realize that 5 of the 8 units haven’t bothered either. If you want to transfer all your contact from mobile to any other software you have to manually transfer each and every file.
You can easily send even a single contact or a whole phonebook containing 1000's of contacts. It may partly be out of habit, but I like the ability to look (scan) the ads that some have provided, which gives me a real quick reference to what services they provide and don’t provide. So opt out if you want and let the phone book companies continue to publish until it no longer works for them.
Note that these waste products created in lumber milling would normally end up in landfills.
And of the 3 that have taken them in, I have to wonder how many went directly into the recycle bin. If each market set up a blog that compared what one company is paying vs another we would all see the truth I speak of.
Not only that, as wood chips decompose, they emit methane, a greenhouse gas closely associated with global warming. An additional 21 million households still use dial-up connections (yes, you read that right dial-up connections). Beware of becoming a victim, they will pray on your weaknesses and exploit you whenever possible. If you want to send a complete mobile address book, tell me which mobile model you have and where or by what means you want to send it to your friend like via email or via a shared file. What is interesting is that MOST of the customers that do this become believers real quick. Many paper providers will also use 5% or less of recycled directories in their paper creation. All in all we are just witnessing a dying market get the most bang for their buck on the way out.

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