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Sprint and AT&T MVNO Real Mobile (877-316-0493) has made a several welcome changes to their Sprint powered CDMA Pay As You Go plan. Users looking for free cell phone service have a new choice, CellNUVO (800-810-1538), which launched last week. The People's Operator (TPO) 844-876-8326, a Sprint MVNO launched in the US earlier this year, is running a promotion the gives new users two months of service for one cent.
Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon MVNO Expo Mobile (800-818-1597) has lowered the cost of minutes and data on its non-rollover, pay as you go plans for Sprint and Verizon. Sprint MVNO RingPlus has opened their Future Free Plan to new subscribers today, Sept 29 from 9 AM to 9 PM PDT. During that time both new and current customers will be able to sign up for a new free plan with 1500 minutes, 1500 texts and 500 MB of data.The new plan is "free", however a credit or debit card is required and your card will be charged a $15 (plus about 20% in taxes and fees) top up at activation (added to plan balance) and whenever the account balance reaches zero. The penny service is on TPO's $42 Unlimited Monthly Goodness plan which includes unlimited minutes, unlimited texts and 5 GB of data.To get this deal you need to Bring Your Own Sprint Phone (BYOSP) and use promo code TPOBYOD when activating on line or by phone.
Here are the details from the RingPlus' Discourse forum:The plan includes 1000 minutes, 1000 texts and 1000 MBs of data per month for free If you have an inactive Sprint network device that you want to use for this promotion you can activate it here.
The balance can be used to pay for overages (2? per minute, text or MB), MMS (4?), phone number changes (99?) and other services.Other than the increased required top-up amount (previous Ring Plus promotions only needed a $5 or $10 top up) this plan is very similar to many of RingPlus' recent promotional plans. Apparently a small number of users were frequently porting numbers in and out or RingPlus, and this fee increase is designed to discourage that practice. MMS are charged based on the amount of data sending or receiving them uses.The 2500 starter units aren't exactly free as there's a $25 activation fee. Unused balances, which used to expire after 30 days, now roll over as long as the plan is topped up a least every 120 days.The $20 top-up is now good for a full year. They are also a one time deal, they don't expire, but you don't get automatically get 2500 more units each month. This plan also includes R+$ which means that every month RingPlus will credit your account $5 which can be used to pay for overages etc.Overage rate is 3? per minute, text or MB of data.

There is no activation fee.TPO supports both LTE and non-LTE Sprint phones but does not sell Sprint LTE SIM cards which seems like a logistical mistake on their part. Choose from Billboard Top 100 to classical, or stay up to date with world and financial news • Wifi calling via Sip client available • No activation fees. With these changes Real Mobile's pay as you go plan vies with Expo Mobile's for the title of best light-use Sprint network plan. Ironically, the easiest way to get a SIM is probably from TPO competitor Ting which sells them from $9. RingPlus is blaming this increase on increasing fees and expenses related to credit card payment processing.I don't see these changes as much of an issue for most users.
I commend Expo for being one of the few MVMOs to disclose the limits on its unlimited plans. If you can deal with the quirks of the service, RingPlus is still an amazing bargain with prices stating at free.
Other than the monthly cost, the Flex plan works like the Infinite plan with the same 1 credit per text, 10 credits per minute or MB rates. Speaking of free, RingPlus is opening a new promotional plan today at noon PT that includes 1000+ minutes, messages and MBs of data for free. RingPlus says this will be the last of the Future Trial promotions, all of which offered 1000 minutes and messages and 500 MBs or more for free.
A nice feature of the Flex plan is that the monthly charge and refill will be skipped if you have a balance of over 5000 credits on your monthly renewal date. Thanks to rollover, and CellNUVO's policy of not auto-refilling accounts with over 5000 Units, the Flex plan can actually be free after the first month if you earn enough credits by watching ads, etc.
In addition to state and local sales taxes, CellNUVO says they charge E911 Fees, FCC Regulatory fees, a Universal Service Fee, a Telecommunications Sales Tax, and a Statutory Gross Tax.
CellNUVO lets you bring your own Sprint phone provided it passes Sprint's quirky  Financial Eligibility Check.

We are aware that some Members switched to Future Phase 5, and haven’t ported in yet from T-Mobile. Choose from Billboard Top 100 to classical, or stay up to date with world and financial news • Wifi calling via Sip client available • A $10 top up is required during sign up. These studies reduce costs for enterprises by providing free phone service and access to truly independent research analyzing multiple social media avenues. Member+ subscription required Plan Details: 2500 minutes, 2500 texts and 2500 MB of data per month for free. If you are doing the upgrade in a phone browser there's a dialog box asking you to confirm the upgrade that pops up off screen. This is not an issue if you use a PC.The most confusing thing for me is that if you are upgrading to take effect at the next billing cycle, there's no confirmation that the upgrade succeed. After confirming the upgrade you are taken back to a screen showing your old pre-upgrade plan with no indication that you have a pending upgrade scheduled. Enter the phone's MEID (on a label on the outside of the phone packaging) on the RingPlus Device Check Page to see if your phone can be activated on RingPlus.
Effective April 17, 2016, Sprint will no longer allow new never activated Boost Mobile, Virgin Mobile and Sprint Prepaid phones to be activated on MVNOs.
When a user hears an offer of interest to them they can press the five key on their phone and get a text message or an email containing a coupon or additional information.RingPlus calls use traditional cellular voice, not VOIP so call quality is similar to that of Sprint. After performing a network reset the phone will restart and run Hands Free Activation to complete the activation processVirgin Mobile Android and feature phones: If ##72786# doesn't work to bring up the network reset prompt, dial ##VIRGIN# (##873283#) and choose Edit.

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