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I have a confession to make; I have not had home phone services in years because I refuse to pay the monthly fees. When you purchase the device it will have a device that looks like the below picture, there will also be cords in the box and located on the inside of the front part of the box is a password so do not throw the box out. I should win because my fiance and I only have prepaid cell phones and it gets expensive to add minutes.
Though it lags behind the competition when it comes to features, Verizon VoiceWing offers solid, reliable home phone service at an attractive price.
If you thought Verizon's sole enterprise was cell-phone service, think again: The company also offers a residential voice-over-IP package that compares favorably with the likes of Vonage, Packet8, and VoicePulse. As we've come to expect from VoIP services, VoiceWing provides a panoply of features that would cost a bundle if added to a POTS (plain old telephone service) line: caller ID, call waiting, three-way calling, voice mail, and call forwarding (including service outage forwarding). Ultimately, VoiceWing should appeal to first-time VoIP users who want as much hand-holding as they can get, along with an online experience that's easy and enjoyable (if a little slow). Phone companies love to double dip, you get charged for having the service, tax, surcharge, state fees, and more. When I received it I hooked it up per the instructions and I heard a busy tone when I called out.
I am not sure if it is my telephone or the device but there is some static sometimes while talking.
Sounds like something we could use here since we don’t get very good cell reception out here. It's competitively priced, easy to use, and arguably the most novice-friendly service in its class.
If you're not porting an existing phone number, you can choose the area code and local exchange for your new number, but you don't get to pick the actual number. You first need to register online at Verizon's VoiceWing site, the most complicated part of which is entering the MAC address from the bottom of the PAP-VN.

VoiceWing also offers simultaneous ringing of up to three additional numbers, Web-accessible voice mail, and click-to-dial: Click a number in your call log or address book, and VoiceWing rings your phone and then puts through the call. This beautifully designed Web control panel provides immediate access to calling features, call logs, an address book, and various phone directories (including reverse lookup and an area code finder). When I first started chatting with my buddy Craig, for instance, we both marveled at the loud, clear audio.
It's a fine service overall, but those wanting more features (and a lower price tag, if you prepay for a year's service) should consider Vonage, our Editors' Choice VoIP service. When you purchase the device for the first time you will also receive your first year of basic service for free. It’s just stupid that we are forced to $15 or more in “fees” plus the monthly fee of $30 to $100 and up just to use the phone for a couple hours a week. It also has the best online control panel of any VoIP telco, which helps make up for its fairly generic feature set. Other highlights include scheduled do-not-disturb and anonymous-call rejection, which blocks calls from numbers with restricted caller ID information.
You can even type in a number and click the Call button, which works like the aforementioned click-to-dial feature. It was not until several days later that I discovered my device had not been setup correctly. Like its competitors, VoiceWing can notify you via e-mail when you have new voice mail messages—but it can't attach the actual messages to those e-mails. And when you view your list of voice mail messages, clicking one produces a list of handy actions: Play VoiceMail, Download VoiceMail, Directory Lookup, Place a Call, and so on. Of course, we have cell phones so the home phone service was not used much at all which really sold the idea of disconnecting it. I had to get help from another blogger who is also reviewing this device and she discovered I had not downloaded the correct files.

Alas, I had problems getting the PAP-VN to work with my Netgear WGR614 router, a very common model, and had to spend about 20 minutes on the phone with Verizon tech support. VoiceWing performed admirably while I streamed music from Slacker and uploaded backup files to Mozy, with only a bit of dropout reported by Craig. When I finally had the device up and running my daughter LOVED the device and has been living on it ever since. I re-downloaded the files and  was stuck at  an error that I could not bypass no matter what I did. I think for what it is it is definitely worth the cost if you do not use the home phone that much. Once I had tweaked a few router settings, everything worked swimmingly, but I have to say that setup wasn't a slam dunk. ViaTalk and VoicePulse fared much worse when I ran the same tests, to the point where I'd need to refrain from running online backups while placing a call. After WEEKS of going back and forth with their technical support, repeated calls during my work hours even though I told them I would be at work,  and 45 minutes on the phone it was discovered that I had old hardware on my device. It sounds like I was given an old device instead of a new one, and that really irritates me because all of this could have been avoided had I been given a new device. Had I purchased this in the store you and I both know this thing would have been returned as soon as I discovered it was not working.

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