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Prepaid Cell Phone Rates & Add-OnsHere you will find information on talk rates, features, add-ons, and value plans available for your prepaid phone. With SpeakOut, your time is yours, good for a full 365 days, and any unused time rolls over when you buy more*.
What’s better, when you sign up for a SpeakOut Account, you can activate Automatic 30 Day Top Ups for all your phone numbers.
With our $10 Unlimited Text Messaging Add-On, you can tip-tap-type as many outgoing text messages as you want, and since incoming text messages are always free, your speedy fingers will never need to stop.
Simply register for a SpeakOut account, make sure you have at least $12.00 top up funds, and click activate*. Oh, and make sure you have sufficient funds for your phone number in your account before your add-on automatically renews.
To add our data to your pre-paid service, sign in to your SpeakOut online account, or dial 611 from your handset to speak to a customer service agent.
Find your destination number rate: type in the country or phone number to find your destination number. Activate the Global Long Distance Add-On & wait for a text message containing a local access phone number.
If you do not use the local access phone number while placing international calls, you will be charged a higher rate!

Surf the web, use your apps, play online games, and stay up to date with friends and family.
Unused airtime and data within a 30 Day Value Plan expires 30 days from the value plan activation date. The 7-Eleven SpeakOut program is only available in Canada, excluding Quebec, Yukon, NWT & Nunavut.
Just choose the Top Up amount, register and confirm your billing information, and your phone numbers will be topped up every 30 days. Surf the web, use your apps, play online games, and stay up to date with friends and family with our new high speed data.
Please make sure you have sufficient account balance to cover the cost of the Value Plan you are adding, plus $2.00 and ensure your account balance is not due to expire within 30 days. Long distance calls, texting and calls placed to 411 will reduce your account balance and available number of minutes. Please note you must have an active Data add-on or 30 Day Value plan with data to send and receive MMS messages. And if you have an active Value Plan with anytime minutes, Canada-Wide Long Distance calls are free. With the NEW Global Long Distance Add-On, you can call pretty much anywhere for practically nothing.

With rates as low as $0.02 per minute to the United States, you can talk and talk and talk and talk. To successfully add the text add-on to your SpeakOut account, you must have an airtime balance greater than $12.00, and your account must not expire within the next 30 days.
To add the 100MB data add-on, you must have an airtime balance greater than $12.00, and your account must not expire within the next 30 days. Data usage over 100MB within 30 days from activation date will be charged at $0.10 per 1MB. Your data balance can be checked from your online SpeakOut Account or by dialing *777*4# and pressing Send from your SpeakOut phone.
To cancel, call Customer Service (611 on your SpeakOut phone or 1-866-310-1023) or deactivate the feature from your online account before the next renewal date.

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