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After 15 years of excellent service, PTel Mobile, one of the first prepaid operators in the United States, has decided to stop offering their service. T-Mobile MVNO PTel Mobile and its brand Giv Mobile that gives 8% of each monthly bill to charities have both improved their highest priced plan by adding more than a double high speed data.
PTel’s brand GIV Mobile that operates on T-Mobile network and gives 8% of customers’ monthly bill to charities has changed four out of its five monthly plans for the better. GIV Mobile, T-Mobile US MVNO that donates 8% of your monthly plan rate to charities, gives you a $20, $25, or $35 Unlimited plan free with any phone purchase at their website.
T-Mobile MVNO GIV Mobile, launched by PTel Mobile in May 2013, has improved its prepaid plan offerings. GIV Mobile, a charity orientated MVNO launched by PTel Mobile in May 2013, is offering a free phone to customers who pay for two months of service. A Sprint’s MVNO PlatinumTel last month has launched completely new GSM service, PTel, on T-Mobile’s network with plans to end Sprint’s CDMA service completely in mid-2013. Boost Mobile lowers rates on International Connect plan that can be added to any Boost’s unlimited monthly plan for an extra $10 per month, in an attempt to offer the most affordable service on the market to its customers. Boost Mobile today announced two new additions to its prepaid offer, new handset and new unlimited plan that will be launched on the same day, July 10. Boost Mobile today announced a new promotional Unlimited Talk and Text plan that can be shrunk to $30 a month.
It is hard to identify what could be 3 best prepaid plans 2011 because many factors are involved in picking ones. Boost and Virgin Mobile, both subsidiaries of Sprint Nextel, lunched Deployed Military Program on Veteran’s Day, November 11, 2011. While other carriers are trying to become more competitive and gain new customers, Boost Mobile tries to get rid of theirs, sort of. What ones was 10 cents per minute or text, from now on will be 20 cents per minute for talk and 20 cents per text, sent or received. Boost Mobile, a subsidiary of Sprint Nextel has become one of the most competitive prepaid providers in prepaid industry, thanks to its flexible plans and pleasing offer of phones.
Update: As from October 6th, a new $55 Android Monthly Unlimited plan is added to Boost Mobile’s already rich plans offer. Sprint MVNO FreedomPop brings a great deal for customers who bring their phone and activate service with this carrier.
Sprint MVNO FreedomPop will continue to expand its service in Europe, according to Nicholas Constantinopoulos, who’s in charge of FreedomPop’s international operations. Sprint MVNO FreedomPop is currently running a limited time Year End Sale promotion for customers who bring their own phone.
Sprint MVNO FreedomPop announced today this year’s Black Friday deals, which are effective starting today, November 24, 2015.

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Boost Mobile, Sprint’s pre-paid division, has just announced a new $2 daily unlimited plan, that provides consumers. Sprint subscribers, you’ve been enduring a rather lackluster phone selection for a while now, but it looks like.
The $60 plan on PTel and Giv Mobile now include 10 GB of high-speed data instead of previous 4 GB.
The plan’s features haven’t changed so customers will still get unlimited talk, global text, MMS and data with first 1 GB at 4G LTE speeds plus $5 credit for international calling.
Customers need to use promo code GFREECYBERMO at the checkout in order to take advantage of this deal. The changes include making international calls to mobile phones in Mexico for just 5? per minute, which applies right away, as well as unlimited calling to all landlines in Mexico. Regarding new handset, Boost Mobile adds BlackBerry Curve 9310 to its lineup, a BlackBerry that’s not the highest-end phone possible of its kind but still an improvement to the only RIM handset currently available, Curve 8530. What’s good offer for one user is not for another due to the bad coverage or no coverage at all, for example or if proper handset lacks.
This program helps to military men and women to put at least some things of their minds during their deployment overseas. Also, for the unlimited web add-on, you will pay 50 cents per day, which is more than double, it’s 70 percent increase.
Boost Mobile unlimited plans offered by carrier are Monthly Unlimited for $50 a month, BlackBerry Monthly Unlimited for $60 a month and Daily Unlimited plan for $2 a day. This plan is required with Android smartphones, for now Transform Ultra and from November 2nd, ZTE Warp. By the end of this month, FreedomPop will have its prepaid service launched in 25 markets, with 25 carriers, Constantinopoulos confirmed to Fierce Wireless. FreedomPop BYOD promotion offers free unlimited talk, unlimited text and 1GB of LTE data each month. FreedomPop Black Friday 2015 deals offer two smartphones certified pre-owned significantly discounted. Intel, that recently invested in FreedomPop $36 million, will power their first smartphone with new Intel’s Sofia platform.
The tablet is refurbished by manufacturer which means that it must be in excellent condition but not necessarily shipped in original packaging. All PTel and Giv Mobile subscribers are urged to port out their phone numbers to new providers by January 26, 2016 to ensure successful port outs. This is a significant increase and a good deal although its competitor MetroPCS, for example, is offering unlimited unthrottled data for the same monthly cost.

GIV Mobile is a charity orientated operator, gives 8% of customers’ monthly bill to charities each month so this particular plan provides $2.40 to charity of customer’s choice. The $20 plan now includes 250 MB of data instead of previous 150 MB while $35 plan now has 1 GB of high speed data instead of 500 MB. Users can expect Boost Mobile Unlimited Talk and Text plan in all Boost Mobile retail locations starting March 29 until May 31.
However, in general, there are few cheap phone plans, not in term of the value alone but regarding what user gets with that plan, what level of freedom in using it.
They will be able to suspend their accounts and to stop any Top-Up, payments or any automatic activities applied to it. The newest addition is very well thought through and drives users to stay with them for longer as well as to pay their bills on time and save that way. This plan will of course go with Shrinkage plan and by using this privilege, users will be able to lower their monthly bill down to $40 a month until 18 on-time payments. Also, BlackBerry Curve 8530 smartphone comes with $60 monthly fee for unlimited voice, messaging and data that again, additionally can be reduced to as low as $45, for those who sing up to Shrinkage plan and pay 18 payments on time. FreedomPop branded smartphone will run and will be priced under $200 and made by a well-known manufacturer that wasn’t named.
The deal is available for couple of days now and according to eBay’s website, many of tablets are already sold and only few are left available. GIV Mobile is also offering a $50 monthly plan that has 2.5GB of high speed data allotment. Later on, by the time third quarter ends or during the fourth quarter, company plans to introduce ad-subsidized wireless service. When period of deployment ends and they return to US, their accounts will be reactivated and they would be able to keep on using prepaid service as it was before leaving the US, including their old phone numbers.
The addition is called Shrinkage plan and goes with Monthly Unlimited and BlackBerry Monthly Unlimited.
Customers will be able to add more data if needed, 500MB for $10, while hotspot itself is available for “a special launch price” of $49.99.
Also, during this promotional period, phone activation that otherwise is charged $20, is free. They will also get 5GB of free data as a bonus for signing up and a free international calling to over 62 countries.

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