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The Straight Talk’s Samsung t401g gives many advantages and disadvantages to their users so as with anything else, the users themselves need to decide if this is the phone for them. As far as its appearance is concerned, it is rather large cell phone and not so light either. With the Samsung t401g, taking photos at resolution of 1280?1024 with it’s 1.3 mp camera is available to you as well as video recording. This brings us to the question what are the possibilities for transferring data from your phone to PC or other phone.
Browsing the internet is only possible through inbuilt Samsung’s proprietary phone browser. The Samsung t401g is well worth considering, and the fact that these attractive features are available together with the formidable Straight Talk plans is a big reason why would you would. Watch a video review of the LG Optimus Black below.  Note the processing speed, browser loading speed, and the nice camera. Another interesting development is that Straight Talk’s sister company, Net10, has also released some new Android phones. This entry was posted in straight talk and tagged prepaid, prepaid phone, samsung, samsung t401g, straight talk. Straight Talk prepaid wireless cell phone service is offering way more than just some of the best new, free and paid cell phones, basic, Android and smart phones!
The best Android powered cell phones offered with prepaid or pay as you go cell phone service in 2012, include the Android and smart phones like the LG Optimus black, the Samsung Galaxy Precedent, the LG Optimus Q, as well as the LG Optimus 2X coming out.
With Straight Talk, unlimited bundles include for just $45 per month, unlimited talk, unlimited text and unlimited data. Straight Talk offers a 30 day satisfaction guarantee, great customer service, awesome coverage and free shipping on any orders over $4.95.
This Android powered cell phone will only work with the month to month, pay as you go, prepaid unlimited bundle which costs just $45 per month! If you have been searching for the best new annual plans for cell phones or the best new plans for prepaid cell phones in 2012 including Android powered cell phones and the best smart phones, check out Straight Talk, the best new Android powered cell phones with pay as you go, unlimited bundles for $45 per month plans as well as the best free cell phones offered from prepaid cell phone providers and wireless, mobile carriers.
Straight Talk has two other Android phones in addition to LG Optimus Black, but this one is by far the best available.  It costs more than the Optimus Q and Samsung Precedent (the other two), but is worth the extra expense.

This entry was posted in straight talk and tagged lg optimus black, lg optimus black android, lg optimus straight talk, straight talk, straight talk android. Straight Talk customers are always on the lookout for great phones comparable to those pricey phones offered by big name mobile carriers.
Aside from the convenience of a touchscreen LCD color display and a nifty sliding keyboard, the Straight Talk LG 511C looks to be a fairly fully featured phone. Don’t settle for a basic, boring cell phone just because you need a prepaid cell phone plan.
This entry was posted in straight talk and tagged lg 511c apps, lg 511c review, straight talk cell phones, straight talk iphone 5, straight talk lg 511c, tracfone straight talk. Many users are delighted with this new addition for the reason that they can have AT&T wireless but for the much lower cost of $30 or $45 a month by just joining the Straight Talk and their available prepaid plans. The quality of the taken video is, of course, low in quality but it is ok if you have no other options.
It offers very nice sound quality as well as much finer volume adjustment that some other models. Internet loads fairly quickly and enable user to check Gmail or Hotmail and access most mobile internet sites in a reasonable amount of time. Watch how fast it loads web pages, streams youtube clips, and even downloads Netflix videos. Since they seem to keep making additions to their phone line-up, it would not surprise me that this will happen soon. Straight Talk is offering the LG Optimus Black Android for just $329.99 in March 2012 and if you are tired of your annual plan, check out the unlimited, month to month, pay as you go, no contract, no credit check and no annual plan phones and unlimited bundles offered by Straight Talk, including the Android powered LG Optimus Black.
The move I refer to is the addition of the iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s to the unlimited talk, text, web plan.
The company is on a serious Android binge, which is a really great thing for customers looking for a prepaid Android on a seriously good unlimited plan like the one Straight Talk has. It offers the basics, such as an alarm clock and a phone book with space for 1,000 contacts.
Some people can take its size and weight as drawback but after some getting used to it, it feels rather solid and durable.

As far as the photos are concerned, taking plenty of them is possible thanks to the expandable memory slot.
For instance, Net10 has released the Optimus Black for use with its $50 per month unlimited plan.
LG Black has a really nice screen, a great camera, and a nice user interface that easily allows you to get all the Android Marketplace apps you could possibly want. Fortunately, Straight Talk listens to their customers and strives to bring the best affordable prepaid phones to their product lineup.
It has a 2.0 MP camera, a video recorder, a handsfree speaker, and a vibration alert option. If it is available to you, you can use a standard Samsung USB data cable as a way of transfer or you can use Bluetooth, which is also feature present on the Samsung t401g. However if you add the possibility of creating ten play lists of 50 entries each, it actually adds on to those little drawbacks. If you happen to be in the market for a solid prepaid phone with a touchscreen and a sliding QWERTY keyboard, take a look at the features the Straight Talk LG 511C has to offer. Straight Talk combines modern technology and affordable prepaid plans to help you stay in touch with breaking the bank. This expansion memory also provides you with storing some serious mp3s as well as photos, or any other files that you need.
With the LG 511C you get some good useful features in an entry-level smartphone minus the smartphone prices and affordable service as well.
Another keyboard, standard numeric keypad, is also available on the front of the phone and the both keyboards are well thought-out and control buttons very easy to find and use. There is bound to be one that floats your boat and if there isn’t, there may be another phone you like.

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