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The good thing about using a prepaid cell phone from this company, like many others, is that you have no commitment and no contract.
Boost Mobile boasts a pay-as-you-go plan in which each minute costs 20 cents 7 am to 9 pm Monday through Friday, and 10 cents on nights and weekends. If you are someone who uses their phone a lot and want to go to a prepaid phone, then you want a more comprehensive plan–especially of you are a fan of texting and talk a lot on your phone on the weekends and evenings. Boost Mobile phone packages start under $30 and include a Motorola phone, $5 of service credit, simple instructions for getting started, and no hidden activation fees.
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I was with AT&T for several years before the customer service and extra fees just killed me – I decided to shop around. But there is an option being offered by Boost’s sister company, Virgin Mobile via Sprint, that has real potential to help a lot of people and should be getting more coverage.

Their “Assurance Wireless” program is being in offered in five states and exclusively to low income, qualifying families and its an amazing deal.
Plus, you get 20 MB of data to use each month for things like e-mailing and surfing the web. I love not having to worry about a contract and their $50 unlimited plan is a real money saver over my $110+ previous bills – no worry about overage fees from texting anymore. The Spring powered calling network is giving me pretty dependable coverage with the ocassional dead zone. Qualifers can get both a phone and 200 minutes, with no fees or contract, for free with the potential to expand their program at. While free is a bit much to ask of already loyal customers, maybe Sprint and its parents companies could offer something like this for $10 for everyone – new and old customers alike. Unlimited Talk n Text has no hidden fees, and once you’re on the plan you can replenish your account and even set up automatic monthly refills right here on our website.

The internet can be a little slow depending on the area and the downloads are a bit pricy, but nothing I haven’t seen before.
You can also bring (“port”) your existing phone numbers with you to the new service from other plans or from landlines. While the program is new, I can only hope it will expand to more states and people who could also use a plan like this. All this for $39.95 a month, and with the reliability and coverage or our nationwide network!

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