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It is worth to recommend Qatar airways if you travel by airlines because the service of Qatar airways is very good and the hardware facilities are perfect.The Qatar airways stewardess are the big treasures that Qatar airways should be proud of them!! Lying on the  adjustable  couch in 180 degree,  the passengers could stretch the body.Each seat was equipped with sony portable video player, through which the passengers could freely watch multilingual movies and TV shows. I had heard of the Qatar airways first-class cabin food that it had a lot of delicious food to choose. Qatar Airways took delivery of the first of its new A350 aircraft from Airbus this week (see news, December 22). After a ceremony at Airbus' headquarters in Toulouse, press and various suppliers were treated to a 45-minute local flight.
A 25 per cent improvement in fuel efficiency and a 25 per cent lower seat-mile cost compared to current aluminium long-range competitors, such as the B777. With up to 35 more seats than the 787, the A350 XWB offers a potential revenue advantage of 10 per cent or more.
As can be seen from the brief notes above, Airbus uses the B777 as a comparison for efficiencies (not the B787) but is keen to compare the A350 with the B787 when it comes to the width of the fuselage (hence the Extra Wide Body XWB designation). It does this because the extra width of the aircraft potentially translates into extra seat width and therefore comfort in the nine-across economy seating on the aircraft. First impressions on boarding its A350 XWB are of the headroom — there are no central overhead lockers in business class, and as with the B787 there is a central entrance area where the ceiling seems to soar through the use of interior design and clever lighting, creating a feeling of space rather than the familiar constriction of entering a metal tube. Like the B787 Dreamliner, the A350 has wider windows than the previous generation of aircraft, including the A330 and A380. Airbus calls them "panoramic", which is pushing it a little, but they are undoubtedly larger than those on most other aircraft and certainly impressed after that morning's flight to Toulouse on a Fokker 50. As you'd expect from this new-generation aircraft, high-bandwidth fibre optics are fitted and the there is In-flight Entertainment (IFE) system is in high-definition. It was possible to watch the entire flight from the tailfin camera, which was useful as I was in a middle seat and so unable to look out of a window.

Note that if you are in the centre seats in business class, you will be using the lockers over the window seats – this isn't a problem since this business class is very spacious at 1-2-1.
The "mood" lighting of recent aircraft deliveries is continued with the A350 XWB, with full LED lighting apparently allowing a palette of 16.7 million possible colours for "customised ambiances", surely enough to keep even the most jaded business traveller entertained for the duration of the flight. Airbus says that "the total cabin air is renewed every two to three minutes in a draft-free environment at the optimum temperature". They are also quieter, although on this short flight involving a climb and descent, several people felt the A380 was noticeably quieter. Qatar has fitted seats similar to those on the B787 (they may be identical – I'm waiting for measurements).
As can be seen, they are extremely spacious, have easy access to the aisle, and with the central area splitting the one cabin into two sets of seating, you really do feel that the 1-2-1 configuration makes this one of the most spacious business class seats available. The flight was too short to look at economy class in details, although I was lucky to board before most other passengers and so could take some photos. As mentioned, Airbus is very proud of the fact that the width of the fuselage of the A350 is five-inches wider than the B787 Dreamliner, which allows for 18-inch-wide seats at nine-abreast as standard in economy. The seat pitch (legroom) is the same as on the B787, but the width and the fact that these are new generation seats, with all the ergonomic improvements that have occured in seat manufacturing and cushions, mean they are more comfortable than economy seating on older aircraft.
Since Qatar Airways has both the A350 and the B787, Airbus representatives were perhaps less bullish on the extra width than they have been previously, not wanting to imply that economy passengers on Qatar's B787 aircraft would be disadvantaged in terms of room when compared with its economy passengers on the A350. The flight was over all too soon (not something I've ever written before) and we were off the aircraft and grabbing hold of a few soundbites from Airbus and Qatar Airways management. A combination of high oil prices pushing carriers to demand more efficient aircraft from the manufacturers and the massive expansion of the Gulf carriers has made the past few years extremely exciting for new aircraft deliveries. And with B787s, A380s and A350s in its fleet, Qatar Airways has invested billions in this process.
LAX is the jumping off point to just about anywhere, Loyalty programs, Packing perfection, Small blessings in Thailand and meetings in Seoul.

Filled with the anticipation, the menu wrapped with leather folder was present ed by the refined and courteous airline stewardess in hand, I glanced. It is said that under the plane, even in the real Arabia, it would be very difficult if you wanted to eat such a delicious food.
But it was one of the "proving" aircraft that Airbus was touring around the world, and had generic seating on board. Hard to judge, but I will be following up with both Boeing and Airbus to try and find the winner on that one. This flight was too short in duration to test this out, but having used it on the carrier's B787, it works well. For anyone who hasn't yet flown the carrier, these new aircraft provide a strong argument for trying a flight via Doha. It was said that the Qatar airways first-class cabin was more expensive than the economy class 2000 yuan! At night, the flight also provided soft duvet, comfortable pajamas, slippers and toiletries bag, which let you feel comfortable at night. The menu is written in English and very attractive, When the food was in the mouth, the taste was unforgettable. I chatted with my neighbour when we were cruising and found the flight very quiet, certainly more so than, say, a B777. In addition, Qatar airways first-class cabin could enjoy free checked baggage allowance of 30 kg.If you flew across the Atlantic flights, it was limited to two free checked baggage which were not more than 32 kilograms each.

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