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Hunting for a top-notch phablet that combines highly attractive design, killer flagship specs and stylus-enhanced input, but you neither want to spend a fortune nor sign a 2-year contract? When you want to buy one of the latest flagship phablets but you don’t like long-term commitments, purchasing a refurbished phone is one of the best alternatives to achieve the task. Download User Manual for Samsung Galaxy Note 5 - Learn more about the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 by downloading free user manual. Because the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is an Android phone, you need to have or create a Gmail account in order to activate the phone (free of charge but necessary). Qualcomm Snapdragon Quad core Outstanding CPU.28nm process technology combines low power consumption and high performance. Dual Stand By, Dual SIM Card SupportedThe V4 supports dual SIM card stand-by.You can select a SIM card for data service. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Powered by the Android OS, you can customize your myTouch 3G with thousands of apps available via the Android Market. Powered by the Android operating system with deep integration of Google services and access to thousands of apps to customize your phone via the Android Market. 3.2-inch touchscreen display (480 x 320 pixels, 262K colors) with customizable, intuitive home screen. On-screen keyboard with built-in familiar layout lets you type messages easily without searching for the letter you want. Built-in GPS with turn-by-turn directions provided by Google Maps and other third-party apps (for real-time directions). Bluetooth connectivity (version 2.0) includes profiles for communication headset, hands-free car kits, and the A2DP Bluetooth profile--enabling you to wirelessly stream your music to a pair of compatible Bluetooth stereo headphones or speaker dock.
Multi-format digital audio player with dedicated Amazon MP3 Store app for over-the-air downloads. Rich HTML email application seamlessly syncs your email, calendar and contacts from Gmail as well as most other POP3 or IMAP email services. Full HTML Web browser enables you to view more pages and enjoy better Web content delivered efficiently to your phone. Google Calendar app syncs with the Web-based version, so any event that you add to your phone will show up on the Web-based Google Calendar (and vice versa). Caller ID pictures lets you see a photo of your caller to quickly decide whether to answer.
Your Home screen is wider than you'd think--simply touch and slide your finger to the left or right for more space.
Notification Pane: With your myTouch 3G, you can keep on top of your world like never before.
One-Touch Google Search: The myTouch 3G was created with Google tools seamlessly integrated, unlike any other phone.
Additionally, the Android Market hosts a wide variety of unique applications, and with the myTouch 3G's one-click access to it you can find and download a wide range of innovative software applications--from games to social networking and on-the-go shopping--to personalize your phone. Sherpa, created by Geodelic, learns a person's likes and dislikes through behavior and user feedback, prioritizing recommended retailers, restaurants and attractions.
So maybe the Galaxy S6 doesn't strike your fancy because of the non-removable battery or lack of a microSD card slot.

The price includes free shipping in the US, but it will ship worldwide if you want to pay for it.
It's a good choice for AT&T, but not T-Mobile because it's missing LTE Band 12, which is 700 MHz. However, if you just want to pop your SIM in and use it as it is (no root, don't care about bloatware), you can do that with this AT&T model. You can get a new Note 4 (unlocked LTE - SM-910C) for about 515 USD in UAE and about 550 USD in Malaysia. Search no more, since the unlocked Galaxy Note 5 refurbished phone may be the solution you are looking for.
Actual performance will vary based on phone settings, environmental conditions, and usage.Estimated Battery Standby: ? Since the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is a smartphone, your provider may require additional data plan in order to use this phone. Designed by HTC and powered by the open-source Android operating system, it offers an intuitive interface with an easily customizable home screen and the ability to personalize the myTouch 3G with a wide selection of free and paid downloadable apps via the Android Market. With Google Maps, you can instantly view maps and satellite imagery, as well as find local business.
The Gmail application provides features such as conversation view, spam filtering, search, and labels that Gmail users enjoy on their computer while offering new features such as integration with the phone's contact list. Its 1340 mAh lithium-ion battery is rated at up to 7 hours of talk time, and up to 384 hours (16 days) of standby time.
With Android, you're able to richly personalize the entire theme of the myTouch 3G with new widgets, icons and wallpapers--which can be added directly on the home screen--in order to truly make it your own. The status bar is always updating across the top of your screen, and icons appear to let you know when new information has arrived. Put a One-Touch Google Search widget right on your home screen for instant access to your favorite websites. Sherpa features a learning machine that automatically customizes itself to the user's preferences. Through integration with Facebook, you can find friends who also want to see that movie or read reviews from friends who have already seen it. No problem—you can pick up an unlocked Galaxy Note 4 right now on eBay for a relative pittance of $470.
AT&T model has an encrypted bootloader, and they also disable things like the Network Mode menu, so you can't turn off LTE. I spent two months with the AT&T model and the lack of any development whatsoever (which wasn't the fault of the devs) got old.
It's Snapdragon, it's GSM and it has all the LTE bands, plus it has good dev support on XDA. That's important because it's almost the same low frequency that Verizon and AT&T use, which means you'll get amazing T-Mobile signal. AT&T adds a lot more bloatware than T-Mobile, and since the phone isn't easily rootable, you can't remove it.
I sold my Note 3 to get the Note 4 and to me there is almost no difference in the two phones in real world use and looks.
However, knowing that online shopping for second-hand or reconditioned phones may sometimes be risky always avoid sellers offering refurbished phones at unnaturally cheap prices.

The cambered frame with great tensile strength and the inlaid 2.5D glass fits perfectly, exhibiting toughness and softness, with great hand feeling and aesthetics.
You can enjoy the great mobile internet, with shopping lightning deals, clicking likes and leaving comments. And Google Maps Street View enables you to explore cities at street-level virtually while on the go. And it multitasks, so you can read a Web page while also downloading your email in the background.
It also supports advanced text messaging features, enabling you to easily flag, delete or move groups of messages and keep track of group conversations through threaded text messaging. Move your favorite apps onto your home screen from the application drawer and arrange them on multiple screens. Just slide down the Notification Pane, see message details, and either respond with one touch or get back to what you were doing.
This easy access to Google Search ensures you get the info you want at the speed you desire. You're better off paying a little more for the T-Mobile model if you want the best GSM model for North America. Additionally, like I said, the T-Mobile model works 100% across AT&T and T-Mobile, and can be rooted at any time.
The Gorilla glass is often used as the material for high-end, tempered glass screen protectors. Search by Voice also comes in handy to help find long or hard to spell words, like amphitheater. To help you find a trustworthy deal on a refurbished Galaxy Note 5, below we presented a few tips and guides on how to buy phones online with full confidence.
The V4 uses the third generation of Gorilla glass for its touchscreen, repeatedly toughened and then polished. Released in July, 2015, the Galaxy Note 5 refurbished unlocked phone may be yours considerably cheaper when bought from third-party sellers.
The transparency of the glass is preserved while the visual impact of the display is greatly enhanced. It can better resist dropping and damage caused by impact, prolonging the period of use, making the user feel safer. This high-speed, mobile data and Internet access technology is fast enough to support a wide range of advanced data services (with average data speeds between 75-135Kbps), including full picture and video messaging, high-speed color Internet access, and e-mail on the go.While this phone is optimized for use with T-Mobile’s high-speed 3G network, many of its functions will also work well on the moderate-speed EDGE network. You can create a personalized home page for easy, one-click access to your favorite Web sites.With access to the web2go marketplace included at no additional charge, you can also browse and purchase the latest ringtones, games, wallpaper and mobile optimized applications and services to customize their phone. When the keyboard is opened, the screen orientation automatically rotates to landscape mode.
When closed, you can use the standard alpha-numeric keypad on the face to send quick messages. It also includes a 2.5x digital zoom, three quality settings, night mode, multiple white balance settings, three metering modes (matrix, center-weighted and spot) and several special shot modes, including Panorama (which stitches together multiple shots taken from left to right) and Smile (which automatically snaps a photo once a smile is detected).

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