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If no view is specified (for example, when bob.configure_traits() is called), the instance of View named traits_view take precedence over others.
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This meets your requirements, and also recognizes Americanized phone numbers, such as (123) 456-7890. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged regex or ask your own question. Would a sentient species be able to thrive when mating means the death of the male partner? One of the greatest reason why iPhone, apart from its amazing features and aesthetic design became so popular is because of the vast number of applications iTunes store has to offer.
If you have some time to kill and feeling a little adventurous, how about checking out these interesting iPhone apps for designers and developers we’ve compiled?
Database Viewer Plus allows users to open up their Windows-created database on their iPhone, and create tables, queries and even forms for them right on the iPhone. A web developer can use this application to easily transport and even edit any database he is working on for any application or software.
You would need to download their desktop software also, which in turn would allow you to access the database files on your computer from any place or location as long as you are near to a Wi-Fi router or internet connection.
You can also have a look at your IP address information extracted from the website address, for sure there is no private or confidential data that can be seen.
It does not matter if you are professional web developer or an uprising developer, or maybe you just wanted to have a peek inside the field.
If you are encountering any problem during the PHP phase of your project, and want to have a look at a few commands and PHP syntax, this app will provide you the information with example in the blink of an eye, so that you have an idea of how it works.
The application serves as a library to many vital cheat sheets, including cheat sheets for famous language like PERL, Java, PHP, Python, and more. The Python cheat sheet is nothing less than a cheat sheet for the popular computer language, Python. This is a simple toolkit that will come in handy especially when you are coding a website, or any software. StoreIT is another database creator for the iOS device which allows a database to be stored and carried out, with the ability to edit the database.
This application also gives a few more complex features for users, which include the ability to password protect specific category that may contain confidential and private data (address, contact number, email id, etc). There are a few built-in themes and templates ready inside the application for you to get started with. Really good for people on the move, or for those people who do not want to spend more money on just getting a flash drive yet need to get their work transferred from their homes to their work office PC.
The Internet is boring without colors, but then again it really is an eye killer if your eyes are bombarded with a million of rainbow colors at the same time. When a web designer is working with CSS, HTML, Flash or any other language, he will spend quite some time searching for that perfect color. Apart from the default colors, you can also check out the color palettes of PANTONE solid coated, solid uncoated, PANTONE goe coated, uncoated, HTML, Web Safe colors and even the library for Lab and CMYK colors. This is one amazing book that lets you read on the new concepts introduced in the web design, such as the introduction of HTML 4.01 and new XHTML concepts. The book also tells you of how you can make your website more efficient and this is exactly where the role of a designer comes in. The application takes content from many major web design site, Smashing Magazine for example is the one of many others.
This is an amazing app for designers who really need to sketch something fast in the most precise manner. Sketches allow the user to do this as it provides the user with features that are unmatchable by any other application for iPhone. Have you come across a font that you don’t recognize, or a font that you want to use on your next design but can’t get to know the name of it? The fonts are searched from the directory of MyFonts, so you can hope to find the font soon since their library hosts the world’s biggest font collection. This application is something simpler and more user friendly than the native Safari browser. Full surfing experience can be achieved by this app – really good for web designers who want to look at the design of the entire website, or for web developers who may need to see how a design looks so that they can code it that way. ACT Printer is a really good app especially if you are being environmentally friendly, which means you don’t want to waste any more paper. Action Method is an application that allows you to create tasks by projects so that your work proceeds in a mannerly and organized fashion. This application is a must-have for every web developer and web designer that has undertaken an assignment from a client and needs to finish things before a deadline.

I'm trying to implement a javascript function to replace country code part of a phone number. That regular expression would match one or more + followed by one or more a-z followed by exactly one piece of whitespace. I was trying to make it unnecessary to include the plus sign in the new country code, but I can't find a way of doing that other than what I've shown above. Replace the old phone number with a new phone number consisting of the first capture group (the plus sign) followed by the new country code ("852") followed by the rest of the phone number (" (533) 333 33 33"). Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged javascript regex or ask your own question.
Kisiye ozel bilgiler bar?nd?ran yaz?l?mlar mutlaka kullan?c? bilgilerini guvenlik alt?na almak icin kullan?c?n?n kendi belirledigi Kullan?c? Ad? ve Sifresi ile yaz?l?m? kullanmas?n? saglar. Tahmin metodunun ise yaramad?g? durumlarda olas? ihtimallerin tamam?n? s?ras? ile deneyerek sisteme giris yapmaya cal?san kucuk programc?klar gelistirirler.
Kullan?c?n?n Kullan?c? Ad? ve Sifresi ne kadar kolay tahmin edilebilir ise onun ad?na sisteme girilebilmesi de o kadar kolay olur.
Son y?llarda yaz?l?mlar kullan?c?lar?n?n en az?ndan kolay tahmin edilebilir sifre secememeleri icin cesitli yontemler gelistirdiler.
Bunlardan bir tanesi Password Strength Check denilen Sifre Guvenlik Testi diye cevirebilecegimiz yontemdir.
Bu yontemin temelinde kullan?c?n?n sifre olarak kucuk harf , BUYUK HARF ve Rakamlardan olusan uzun bir kelime belirlemesi yat?yor. Yaz?l?m genelde, kullan?c?n?n sifresini belirledigi ekranda, sifrenin guvenlik seviyesini, mesaj veya gorsel ile kullan?c?ya geri bildirir. Eger biz de yaz?l?m?m?za benzer bir kontrol koymak istiyorsak oncelikle sifre guvenlik testi icin bir method gelistirmeli, sonra sifreyi ilgili guvenlik test method‘undan gecirmeliyiz.
Kullan?c?lara sifrelerinin guvenlik seviyesini 0 ile 100 aras? bir rakamla gostermek yerine bu deger uzerinden hesaplad?g?m?z daha anlas?l?r bir deger ile gostermeliyiz.
Boylelikle GeneratePasswordScore method’una parametre ile verilen sifrenin guvenlik degerini hesaplayabiliriz. Asenkron programlama olceklendirilebilir ve yan?t veren (donmayan) uygulama gelistirmek icin uzun y?llard?r bilinen bir teknik.
Asenkron programlama ile ilgili daha detayl? bilgiye, MSDN‘in Visual Studio Asynchronous Programming sayfas?ndan ulasabilirsiniz. Bu makalede basit bir ornek ile async ve await anahtar kelimelerinin kullan?m?n? inceleyecegiz. HttpClient s?n?f?ndan yeni bir instance olusturup, Get() method’una, tarayacag?m?z sitenin adresini yazal?m. Bu hataya, kaynak html’ini ald?g?m?z siteden donen cevab?n 65536 karakterden buyuk olmas? yol ac?yor.
Buraya kadar uygulamay? cal?st?rmaya odaklanm?st?k, uygulamay? cal?st?rd?ktan sonra kullan?yoruz ve farkediyoruz ki, Tara butonuna bast?ktan sonra liste dolana kadar uygulama kullan?c?ya yan?t vermiyor. Uygulaman?n donmas?na sebep olan en uzun is, internet sitesinin cevab?n?n al?nd?g? HttpClient s?n?f?n?n Get() method’u. HttpCagri degiskenine deger atamadan once await anahtar kelimesi ile asenkron yapt?g?m?z cagr?n?n sonuclanmas?n? beklemeliyiz. Bilgisayar Oyuncusu Sozluk’ten kelimenin son harfi ile baslayan kelimelerden bir tanesini rastgele olarak seciyor.
Bu yaz?mda, C# ve Regex kullanarak boyle bir uygulamay? nas?l yazabilecegimizi anlatacag?m.
Son olarakta, Generic List icerisindeki kelimeleri TextBox arac?l?g? ile ekrana yazd?r?yoruz. Engin Polat, K?demli Yaz?l?m Mimar?, Microsoft RD, Microsoft MVP, Nokia Developer Champion.
I know the problem has to do witht he RegExp as if I remove this portion of the code it validates that the box has a value.
Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged javascript jquery regex validation or ask your own question. Can anyone provide me a not-too-complex regex to validate and retrieve the release, version and modification numbers? Also, the rightmost group will capture the last component, even if there are fewer than three components, and so for example a two-component input results in the first and last groups capturing and the middle one undefined.
The code for retrieving the matched sequences, especially the (\.\d+){0,2} part, will depend on your particular regex library. Keep in mind regexp are greedy, so if you are just searching within the version number string and not within a bigger text, use ^ and $ to mark start and end of your string. IMO (I've not tested extensively) this should work fine as a validator for the input, but the problem is that this regex doesn't offer a way of retrieving the components. Is assigning a ticket number to a checkin with version control worth the effort for developers? Why do Kruskal and Prim MST algorithms have different runtimes for sparse and dense graphs?

Fill in your email and check this box if you expect a reply from Jeffrey and don't want to keep checking the comments manually. Even for web workers like designers and developers who rely heavily on computers and laptops, there are tonnes of interesting applications that may come in handy in your iPhone. From database app for developers to color apps for designers and some apps suitable for both, here’s 20 Fresh iPhone apps for Designers and Developers. Not only that, it has the capabilities to sync with complex database software like Oracle, SQL Server, etc. It allows users to check on their website domain server status to ensure that it is still working. Well, this PHP cheat sheet is definitely good for everyone in and outside the field, regardless of their experience. Not only does the user has the permission to look at few commands and syntaxes, the web developer can also test them inside the app, and even test other self-created syntaxes to see if they would function as what they expected. Forgetting syntax is a time of the past now my friends, with this application you can easily refresh your memory of those commands or see what Python can do with a glimpse at these amazing commands that make up the whole language. That is exactly why web designers need to choose the most effective color for their project, which will not only attract the peers to the website, but less disturbing at the same time.
Cliqcliq Colors allows the designer to create a color palette according to the need of the user, then provides HEX code which the user can easily utilize it into the coding. Just like the Cliqcliq Colors, the application provides HEX codes of the color that the user has chosen.
Ruler allows your iPhone to be converted into a portable ruler that is more accurate than your typical hand. If a website has a good set of colors but not a very good typography, it would reduce readability, thus reducing site traffic. It teaches the designer the every bit about typography and what makes the text looks readable, crisp and attractive. A sketch has to be made quickly before it is forgotten in the most precise manner so that it may be understood later on when needed.
These apps are something that will help both careers in a way that will really boost your work productivity. As the name suggests, it allows the users to surf the internet on a full screen mode, without any tab or address bar blocking your view.
This app will allow the user to break their tasks into different, smaller and less stressful tasks allowing the developer or designer to work more freely and finish the work before the deadline.
Essentially, it uses three capture groups: one for the plus sign, one for the country code, and one for the rest of the phone number. Uzun y?llard?r bilinmesine ragmen, uygulama gelistiriciler olarak asenkron programlama bize hep zor gelmistir. Ilk olarak standart programlama yontemlerini kullanarak uygulamam?z? gelistirecegiz, daha sonra async ve await anahtar kelimeleri ile asenkron programlama ogelerini uygulamam?za dahil edecegiz.
Biz de Tara butonunun yapt?g? isi asenkron yapmas?n? saglayarak olusan donmalar?n onune gecebiliriz. Sonra oyuncular s?rayla, digerinin soyledigi kelimenin son harfi ile baslayan baska bir kelime soylemek zorundad?r. It's a matter of taste whether to deal with this by complicating the regexp, or by processing the matched groups. I would split the thing on dots ("."), then make sure that each part is either a wildcard or set of digits (regex is perfect now). Kalyan is an excellent nature photographer, although his most recent posting may leave you scratching your head in amazement and wonder!
You can easily ping your website server from any location, without being in front of the screen every time! Users can easily look at the Google Analytics’ statistics of their own website, allowing them to be more productive and make their website more effective in its own services.
A simple, yet helpful built-in calculator allows for calculations to be made at a fast pace unlike any other calculator! The user can also choose to pick the color out from a photograph or image that is stored in the photo albums in iOS storage. I'm currently trying to figure out how to replace only the digits in the country code, and not the plus sign as well. Sozluk olusturmak icin daha once yazd?g?m Web Sayfas?ndan Sozluk Olusturma ve Dizi Kar?st?rma makalelerini birlestirip kullanacag?z.

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