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TinEye is the reverse image search engine which help you identify all copies of original image spread over the entire internet. With TinEye, you can up to some extent identify if someone is using your images without permission. If you are a webmaster, you may add your website into its database to crawl also you can block its bots by using robots.txt.
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The umbrella term which covers the definition of a reverse image search is Content-Based Image Retrieval (CBIR). You can also upload an image from your desktop or paste the URL of the image into the search box. Google uses computer vision techniques to match your image to other images in the Google Images index and additional image collections. The search is pretty fast; it gives you the source of the image, compare modified images, and check if larger versions are available.

TinEye also has browser extensions available for Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari.
The best news with reverse image search is that you don’t need to guess, worry about the spelling, or type any more. He is very enthusiastic and keen to work on different aspects of computer, internet and mobile related fields.
White Pages can search for a person’s address in their large directory assistance database to see who is listed. TinEye is a reverse image search engine that has managed to hold its own against the competition. The plug-ins allows you to right click on any image on a webpage and do reverse image search. Recently we discussed about image hotlinking protection and introduced with methods to save bandwidth and protect images. This not just depend of image name, alt tags or title tags, but compares the exact image based on its characteristics and sorts out the results based on best match.
Here, Reverse image search comes to the rescue: it’s a special type of search that takes an image instead of a keyword and retrieves similar images.

Reverse image search proves useful if you are trying to recognize faces or identify objects.
Your search results page can show results for that text description as well as related images. If your browser does not support browser extensions, TinEye covers it with a bookmarklet that submits the image URL to the reverse search engine. Recently I found a reverse image search engine which help you identify if someone is using your images on their website without permission. This blog was started as a showcase of solutions for different problems and today it has got a good reputation in the blogosphere.
Think that you are searching for a similar kind of furniture to the one you have a photo of.
Another vital use could be searching for your copyrighted images being used by someone else.

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