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IP (Internet protocol) address is a numeric value that is assigned to any computer that is part of a computer network. If you manually set the monitor settings using the Display Preferences dialog box, the settings are lost at the next reboot. Use the Keyboard Preferences dialog box (click Keyboard) to select general (repeat key and cursor blinking), layout (keyboard models and layout options), accessibility (sticky key, slow key, bounce, key audio feedback), mouse keys (keypad control of pointer), and typing break (reminder) preferences. Use the Mouse Preferences dialog box (click Mouse) to select general (mouse orientation, locate pointer, pointer speed, drag-and-drop, double-click time out) and accessibility (simulated secondary click and Dwell click) preferences. Use the Appearance Preferences dialog box (click Appearance) to set the desktop display settings (Theme, Background, Fonts, and Interface). Use the Select a Language dialog box (click Language) to select the language of the User Interface (UI) from the list of supported languages (select the language you want and click OK). Use the Panel Settings dialog box (click Panel Settings) to set whether or not to always display the taskbar on top of all other windows.
Use the Screensaver Preferences dialog box (click Screensaver) to select screen saver theme settings and power management settings (click Power Management to open and use the Power Management Preferences dialog box.
Clicking the Citrix Settings icon in the Control Center opens the Citrix Settings dialog box.
Storenamea€”Enter the Store Name you want to use (this can be a list of servers with each server separated by a semi-colon). Use the Drive Mapping tab to map drives on the server to devices on the thin client, and to view and manage (add, edit, and delete) the list of current drives (including drive information) mapped on the thin client. Use the Hotkeys tab to map hotkeys on the thin client (select a Hotkey option using the Hotkey lists for each function you want).
Use the COM Ports tab to map COM ports on the server to devices on the thin client, and to view and manage (add and delete) the list of current COM ports (including device information) mapped on the thin client. Procedure To delete a COM Port, select a COM Port from the list of available COM Ports and click Delete. Use the Trusted Server Configuration tab to set and enforce the trusted server configuration. Use the Device Settings dialog box (click Device Settings) to set the parameters of your device, and then click OK.

Use the COM tab to select COM1 and COM2 Speed, Parity, Size, Flow control, and Stop bits (the size of the stop bit with respect to the size of all the other signaling bits in a character). Use the NTP tab to enter the IP Address or hostname of the Network Time Protocol (NTP) server (the current NTP server is shown) to synchronize the clock time and date of the thin client. Clicking the Import Certificates icon in the Control Center opens the Import Certificates dialog box.
Use the Network Connections dialog box (click Network Connections) to configure the settings you want for supported network connections. This section provide details about seamless 802.1x authentication with Cisco VXC 6215 thin clients. Supported seamless 802.1x authentication works with Cisco VXC 6215 thin clients by using Active Directory user credentials for Inner EAP. The following diagram depicts the major components involved and communication between each of the components in the 802.1x thin client solution. Track CIDR blocks as well as arbitrary IP address ranges for categorizing sections of your network.
Manage your own custom list of device manufacturers and models that relate to your environment. Track per device configuration archives with the ability to store many entries and compare them usinga syntax highlighting "diff" comparison.
Track "Shared IPs" such as those in use by HSRP, VRRP, CARP and other virtual interfaces that could be associated with multiple hosts at the same time.
Support for quickly moving an IP address from one host to another, no need to delete then re-add. Subnets display a quick usage bar indicating a percentage and count of the utilization of that subnetbased on hosts and pool allocations. A user definable reporting engine to display various sets of information defined for your needs.
To retain the monitor settings after a reboot, set the display settings using the INI file.
Use this dialog box to configure the common settings you want for all Citrix connections, and then click OK.

To enforce a trusted server configuration, select the Enabled option, select the Enforce trusted server configuration check box, enter the Address of the trusted server, and then click OK (you can also use the Enabled or Disabled options to quickly enable or disable the enforcement configuration). Use this dialog box to import and manage (add and delete) ICA Digital Certificates as described in the following sections. Use the Wired, Mobile Broadband, VPN, and DSL tabs to view and manage (add, edit, and delete) the list of network connections configured on the thin client.
Thus, Active Directory Domain User Login to the thin client has been introduced for EAP-PEAP 802.1x authentication.
Simply allows one OpenNetAdmin installation utilize two seperate sets of database backends that can easily be switched between. You can assign servers to any number of failover group pairings, then assign the appropriate subnets to those failover groups. You can define your own groups with pre-determined access rights for common tasks such as adding or deleting hosts. For instance, you can tie an alerting system or any other type of notification to a host to create a message that would be visible if someone selects that device. Host actions are user defined URL links to other applications with primary host name or IP address as part of the URL. For example, if you have done a search on the subnet name "LAN-%" you can then filter that resulting list further by entering .desktop. No more re-formating the text in the edit form, simply cut and paste and it will be converted to a consistent format automatically.
Currently SQL queries can be written and stored with a simple interface for creating and displaying the results. Currently have parsers for tinydns config files,dhcpd.conf, "show route" commands, nmap scans etc.
By default, your thin client obtains information from the DHCP server about network connections (highly recommended), but you can manually enter connection information (provided by your network administrator) to connect to other networks (experienced users only).

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