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Bevor wir anfangen, mochte ich drauf hinweisen, dass die Anleitung nicht fur einen Produktivbetrieb genutzt werden sollte. Dieser Beitrag wurde unter DNS, Windows Server abgelegt und mit 2012, DNS, erstellen, konfigurieren, Lookup, PTR, PTR Record, R2, Reverse, Server, Windows, Zone verschlagwortet. So, one of these cases may lead you to bulk PTR records creation in the future when you realize that you need this kind of record(s).
DNSShell module needs to be downloaded separately from Chris blog who is REAL genius in DNS topic. Windows PowerShell 3.0 DNS cmd-lets are available in Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 and are new feature added by Microsoft to manage DNS server. Before we start preparing script for bulk DNS records creation, let’s check if appropriate reverse lookup zone(s) exist(s). We have complete syntax and now, we can create a script to create many DNS records in short time. As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, this is separate module which needs to be downloaded.
This is new feature and can be only used with PowerShell 3.0 which is available in Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 (or in other Windows versions as it was mentioned at the beginning of this article).

The GPS Module is "plug and play", requires no cutting or splicing of any harness wires for the standard unit.
Uses a patent-applied for method of calibration to your individual ski via magnetic sensors, no external wires or switches to fail. Uses a unique method to indicate satellite lock, as well as using the same indication to validate calibration.
Uses no power from the battery when not in use, so battery drain while off is not a concern.
Contains a supercapacitor to store the GPS receiver coordinates for several hours after you shut down the ski, so you can expect almost instantaneous acquisition of the satellites when you get back running.
Designed for harsh electrical vehicle noise, with overvoltage protection, and reverse voltage protection.
I will try to simply show you, how to do that very quickly using the least administrative effort because using DNS Management console is not very convenient and fast method (you need to create each records separately by hand).
This is mandatory to have reverse lookup zone existing in other case PTR (pointer) records won’t be created! As for PowerShell is better to use CSV file format instead of flat text file, I would suggest to prepare an example here.

You can even hook up the power connections to the battery backwards without damaging the unit.
Bitte haben Sie Verstandnis, dass ich nicht  ins Detail gehen kann, da das Thema DNS sehr umfangreich ist und den Rahmen dieses Blogeintrages sprengen wurde. When zone does not exist, you need to create it first before you can start using script for bulk records creation. After that we would know which parameters should be inserted into input file for the script. CSV file requires a header for each attribute, we need 2 or 3 attributes to accomplish that.
As we would need to use CSV file as in previous method (DNSShell module for Windows PowerShell), we will reuse it. The CandooPro GPS Speedometer uses the latest SirfSTAR IV chipset, which has the best doppler speed algorithm in the market of any GPS chipset.

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