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Home → Blog → PrivacyStar Reverse Lookup- Free Reverse Phone Number Lookup Really Free? We at PrivacyStar understand the value of this reverse phone lookup feature- but we don’t want to charge you for it. In return, we hope you will opt to purchase our smartphone app to get unlimited reverse lookups directly from your phone. Well, besides the pretty blue color, cleaner navigation and page flow, and enhanced feature descriptions for all THREE of our smartphone applications, our website’s most attractive feature is our Reverse Lookup, where online friends can use our Lookup tool FREE 3 time’s per day.

I’ve searched high and low and could not find one- not even ONE- who gave you the name and information without a minimum $0.99 cent charge- for a single lookup! All 3 apps- Android, Blackberry, and iPhone, allow you to look up any number- be it a business, mobile, commercial or residential phone number, 24-7-365. We’re also in constant need of feedback- lovers and haters both welcome- so let us know what you think!
You can then file a complaint against that number if it’s someone making an illegal solicitation, straight from your phone!

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