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SpyBubble cell phone spy software is advance and completely user-friendly application that provides you invisible mode to track as well as monitor all hidden activities of the target phone. In the mobile phones market, the success of any Smartphone is highly dependent on price, features as well as the level to which marketing is undertaken. Also worth noting is the increased number of readers that have been following various blogs that touches on Google Nexus 5, just to get the latest reports about it.
When it comes to SmartPhones, the features it possesses are a huge determinant of its success in the market.
The rumors about Google Nexus 5 release date all started from a Google video leak that was availed on YouTube.  The video portrayed an employee from Google who was showing an iteration of the latest android. To see the phones in real size or compare them with other models, visit our Visual Phone Size Comparison page. DisplaysBoth screens are 5a€? 1080x1920 pixels Full HD panels, so they should be pretty similar, right?
IntroductionThroughout the entire year, there has been no shortage of high-end, memorable smartphones a€“ they just simply keep on coming, giving consumers a wide degree of variety to choose from. DisplayBoth employ AMOLED technology, but the quad-HD resolution of the Nexus 6 display is just a sight to behold.
Being the new kid on the block, the Nexus 6 drastically benefits from having the more attractive display a€“ a monstrous sized 5.96-inch 1440 x 2560 AMOLED screen. IntroductionWhen it comes to the phablet domain, Samsunga€™s Galaxy Note smartphones have consistently been the frontrunners in its class ever since the segmenta€™s inception.
Highly regarded as being at the top of the food chain, both handsets live up to that argument with their Quad-HD displays. Introduction:Now this seems like a pickle more than anything else, as the Nexus 5 stares face-to-face with its competition in the Moto X a€“ a device, much like the Nexus, has strong influences straight from El Goog.
IntroductionSamsunga€™s flagship Galaxy S5 represents Samsunga€™s take on Android with its TouchWiz custom skin, and continuous support for features like a removable battery and expandable storage in the Galaxy series. DisplayThe Galaxy S5 features a 5.1a€? 1080p display, just slightly larger than the 5a€? 1080p screen of the Nexus 5. When it comes to Google Nexus 5, the hype that has been experienced in the recent past is just more than a marketing team would need to do for a successful launch. If the rumors are anything to go by, then the specifications are some that the users will be quite happy with. This also goes along way to explain why Google Nexus 5 release date has been of great importance to many fans. The employee was using a black matte Smartphone which had an LG logo on it as well as the Nexus name. All that people can agree on for now is that Google Nexus 5 release date is surely on its way.
The Galaxy S4 counters with unorthodox 1080p OLED display, expandable memory and user-replaceable battery.Are the relatively unknown for the typical user Nexus 5 and its unique KitKat features able to win holiday shoppers against the most popular Android flagship - Galaxy S4 a€“ and its instant Samsung brand recognition? One of them in particular, the Samsung Galaxy S5, continues to be a relevant thing in the space, even though ita€™s regarded by many as an a€?oldera€? handset. In comparison, the Galaxy S5a€™s 5.1-inch 1080 x 1920 Super AMOLED display isna€™t necessarily cutting-edge per se, but nevertheless, ita€™s still the resolution of choice for the majority of flagships out there.
This yeara€™s latest iteration, the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, sees a tremendous shift in its design a€“ while also improving on what it does best. The two of them measure up at 5.7-inches, have resolutions of 1440 x 2560 pixels, and employ AMOLED technology. Youa€™d think that the Nexus 5 woulda€™ve been commissioned by Motorola, a Google company as ita€™s painted, but thata€™s not the case, since LG has once again been given that prestigious opportunity. Not only is it larger in size, but its higher resolution helps to give the Nexus 5a€™s display way sharper visuals and clarity.
Comparing it against Google Nexus 5 equals to comparing two different visions about Android - Samsung with its flashy TouchWiz interface and alternative app reality against Googlea€™s vision of a pure Android operating system following the principles of no expandable storage or user-removable batteries.At the same time, both the Galaxy S5 and the Nexus 5 are top-shelf devices with state-of-the-art hardware. The two use vastly different underlying technology: the Nexus 5 features an LCD display with a backlight to lighten it up, while the Galaxy S5 uses Samsunga€™s Super AMOLED technology that instead relies on light emitted by the organic diodes of every single pixel to make up an image.
It is for a fact that, Google nexus 5 has turned out to be a huge hit among mobile phone users. This means that, anyone who has a passion for photography has something to smile about with the new device.
It will also be in order to assume that, Google Nexus 5 will be as beautiful as people are claiming it will be. Samsung differentiates its flagship handsets with the homebrew Super AMOLED tech that brings about very deep black levels, yet somewhat cold and oversaturated colors.

From afar, ita€™s tough to notice any difference in terms of details, but it becomes painstakingly obvious upon closer inspection that the Nexus 6 cana€™t be matched.Employing AMOLED technology, the two displays bear pretty much the same qualities a€“ like their wide viewing angles, deep black production, and overly-saturated color tones. That, of course, consists of being incredibly speca€™d to the roof, and accompanied with a diversified portfolio that caters to the everyday professional.Interestingly enough, it has a strong competitor in a newcomer to the space.
Nevertheless, the two companies have been hard at work with their offerings, so leta€™s jump in to see how they compete against one another! The Galaxy S5 has time on its side, and as the newcomer on the market, it features the latest and more powerful Snapdragon 801 system chip, as well as Samsunga€™s promising 16-megapixel camera. Both are high-res panels with a resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels, but due to the slight difference in screen size, pixel density is a bit higher on the Nexus 5: 441ppi versus 432ppi on the S5.
AMOLED panels have their pros and cons with the most notable advantages being their traditionally great contrast (due to the fact that the technology allows for perfect pitch black) and outstanding viewing angles, and the cons including their often unrealistic, overblown colors, and lower brightness.
As the Google Nexus release date nears, the number of fans waiting for its launch is just overwhelming.
Well, as tech savvy’s have it, any further delay of its launch might turn out to be a huge disappointment, which the company would certainly not want to experience.
You can choose different screen modes in the display settings, but these basic premises are still visible, and there are sometimes weird glitches like scrolling blur and purple hued status bar, facing the early adopters of the world's first Super AMOLED Full HD mobile display.The Nexus 5 uses an IPS-LCD screen made by LG, which sports more washed-out blacks compared to the Galaxy S4, but truer color representation. Between them, though, we prefer the more pronounced and mature design language of the Nexus 6 a€“ thanks in part to its sturdier construction. With the latter, ita€™s apparent that the two panels exhibit a cooler tone, one that generally appears bluish. The Google Nexus 6P has been one of the biggest surprises this year, showing that Chinese maker Huawei can dish out high-caliber devices on a global scale. Design:Without question, the Moto X sports the more attractive design, attentive even, since it stands out proudly for its customizability, ergonomic aesthetics, and compact feel in the hand.
In contrast, ita€™s saturated with the Moto X, which is the typical characteristic of AMOLED. The Nexus 5, on the other hand, remains unmatched in the a€?bang-for-the-bucka€™ segment as it costs nearly half the price of the S5, while featuring almost equally capable hardware.So how does Samsunga€™s new Galaxy fare against Googlea€™s showcase Android phone, the Nexus 5? This minute gap is practically impossible to spot, though, as both screens look very sharp, rendering even tiny fonts very clearly, and you wona€™t notice any pixelization either.
In the Galaxy S5, Samsung has made notable progress on overcoming some of those limitations, in a screen that is brighter and more power-efficient than earlier AMOLED panels. These will be the main choices you will be facing when choosing between the Galaxy S4 or Nexus 5 chassis, respectively, as the phones weigh exactly the same 4.59 oz (130 g), and have very similar dimensions in length and width. Still, its colors are slightly yellowish and under saturated (dull) compared to reference screen. However, some people will appreciate the compact size and water-resistant construction of the Galaxy S5. However, when it comes to brightness output, the Galaxy S5 has a distinct advantage with its 442 nit brightness a€“ in contrast to the weaker tally of 270 nits with the Nexus 6. With an original looking premium design, combined with the most up-to-date vanilla Android experience, it seemingly might be the new phablet king.DesignOutstanding! Both are comprised out of polycarbonate plastic, which help to give them a lightweight feel, but yet again, our eyes stay glued to the bright and palatable color options that are available with the Moto X.
Its viewing angles seem a tad worse than those of the OLED display, especially when observing the phone at an angle from its corners.Outdoors both devices have pretty similar visibility, despite that the Nexus 5's LCD screen is brighter than Samsung's panel.
At the end of the day, though, when it comes to attracting attention, the Nexus 6 surely employs all of the elements to catch our eyes from afar.Unlike its rival, the Nexus 6 isna€™t about the bells and whistles, but we do like that it features dual front-firing speakers a€“ a quality thata€™s rarely adopted amongst smartphones in general. Yeah, it certainly makes it tough to view the Nexus 6a€™s display under direct sunlight, but it still carries a significant amount of pleasing qualities over the Galaxy S5 to make it the preferred display. When we think of phones that impress with their designs, these two undeniably have the qualifications a€“ thanks in part to their sturdy constructions, high-quality materials, and slick aesthetics.
Read on to find out.DesignThe Galaxy S5 brings a fresh new design and a variety of color options, but ita€™s also a noticeably larger device than the Nexus 5. Color temperature reaches the whopping 8000K, way in excess of the 6500K ideal, resulting in blueish cold feel, instead of pure white.
Still, both handsets sit very well in the hand, and the svelter looks of the Galaxy S4 don't translate into better ergonomics compared to the Nexus 5 as far as handling is concerned.
Google's phone seems to sport higher reflection ratio, especially true with the annoying mirror reflections when you have direct light shining on the screen - like the sun, for instance. On the opposite side of the spectrum, the Galaxy S5 is arguably the Swiss Army Knife of smartphones, as it bears a fingerprint sensor, IR blaster, microSD card slot, and a removable battery. Ita€™s a battle between the Note 5a€™s all-glass chassis and metal trim, versus the Nexus 6Pa€™s unibody aluminum metal construction.

In exchange for its bulkier footprint, though, the S5 is protected from the elements.The Galaxy S5 comes as a breath of fresh air for Samsung in terms of design. The situation improves if you switch over to the Professional Photo mode (color temperature is about 7200K then), but overall colors are again a bit colder and greener than what we would like to see.On the other hand, wea€™re very happy with the display on the Nexus 5. This soft-touch, almost rubbery chassis of the LG-made Nexus feels a bit more premium to the touch than the glossy polycarbonate of the S4, though the subjective impression here boils down to your personal preferences. The Galaxy S4 has pretty good anti-reflective coating, and its much higher contrast levels contribute to visibility on par with the Nexus 5 outdoors, despite the lower peak brightness. Not only do they look exceptionally well to attract our eyes from afar, but they also match their visual appeals with their meticulous and solid constructions.Specs aside, we do like how the back edges of the Note 5 are curved, ensuring for a more ergonomic feel, but the Nexus 6Pa€™s metal body is quite resilient to smudges and fingerprints a€“ whereas the Note 5a€™s glass body is a notorious offender.
Ita€™s made out of plastic, but that plastic is styled in brand new looks with a unique dimpled soft-touch back, and the whole package comes in a diversity of fresh colors right out the gate - a€?electric bluea€™, a€?copper golda€™, a€?shimmer whitea€™, and a€?charcoal blacka€™.
Colors on it are very accurately calibrated, reaching closely that coveted sRGB color gamut coverage. Moreover, the soft-touch coating of the black Nexus 5 quickly gets spattered with rather visible fingerprints and smudges.Samsung's flagship line has offered removable back covers, expandable storage and user-replaceable batteries from day one, and the S4 doesn't stray from that tradition, whereas the unibody Nexus 5 is rather limited in that respect a€“ its battery is not user replaceable and it lacks microSD memory card slot. Still, the way light bounces off the Note 5a€™s body is compelling and entrancing at the same time.Ita€™s really a tough call on which of the two has the better designs. The Nexus 5, on the other hand, is also plastic, but with a more rubbery feel of its soft-touch plastic body. Ita€™s not a perfect screen, as it lacks just a bit of punch and the whites appear slightly yellowish, but those are rather minute details, especially in comparison with the Galaxy S5.
The mobiles utilize micro SIM card slots, with the Nexus 5 providing a right side tray for it, and a very tiny pin instrument in the box. When it comes to visual appeal and ergonomics, we like the Note 5, but sturdiness and originality goes to the Nexus 6P.One of the many things we love about the two handsets is that they both offer fingerprint sensors, which gives us an alternative option to securing them. Make sure you don't lose it, as the opening for pushing the tray with the SIM card out is miniscule, and even if you use a small needle, you are bound to enlarge it in an ugly way, let alone with a paper clip or a wire.The side keys on both handsets are very easy to feel and press without looking, with good tactile feedback to them. Between the two, however, we have to give credit for Samsung endowing the Note 5 with some additional amenities a€“ like its S Pen stylus, and built-in wireless charging.
Design is subjective matter, so we wona€™t judge either one based on their outwards appearance, but what we can say is that both phones are equally well put together - just pick the one you like better.Whata€™s not subjective is the clearly visible size difference between the two.
Samsung offers its signature physical home key, too, whereas the Nexus 5 relies on navigational buttons that are on-screen, and can be hidden away when the whole display is needed with the new Immersive mode. Since both phones have identical screen diagonals and close dimensions, the presence of on-screen buttons on the Nexus 5 doesn't seem to offer any particular advantage, so that department is again a matter of personal preferences.
In exchange for its larger size, the Galaxy S5 is protected from the elements with IP67 certification. In contrast, the unibody Nexus 5 feels rather limited in that regard a€“ its battery is not user-replaceable, and it lacks memory expansion card slot. In terms of buttons, the Galaxy S5 features that signature for Samsung physical home key below the display with a back and menu buttons around it.
The other physical keys are on its sides: the lock key is on the right, and the volume buttons - on the left, and they are all clicky and easy to press. The Nexus 5 in comparison features no physical keys on the front - instead it uses on-screen virtual buttons. In the S5, you have to swipe in an almost straight line from the bottom of the screen and through the home key, while in the iPhone 5s authenticating is a bit simpler - you just need to touch the home key (no need to actually press it, or swipe through it). The fingerprint scanner on the S5 is a bit finicky, failing to register swipes from the side, and this swipe implementation makes it hard to use the fingerprint scanner with a single hand. On the flip side of things, you can use the S5 sensor for more things like authenticating payments on PayPal.The other new feature of the Galaxy S5 is its heart-rate monitor, located on the back of the phone, right below the camera. Ita€™s the first time we see such a scanner in a smartphone, and ita€™s used to measure your heart-rate (pulse).
It works by shooting infra-red light on your finger (you have to place your finger on the sensor) and monitoring the change in reflections to come up with a heart-rate measurement.
Our experience shows that it gets accurate readings, but it requires some patience: you need to be silent when you measure your pulse and wait for a few seconds for a correct result. Ita€™s definitely not a gimmick, but you have to understand that it provides single-time readings, and might not be a perfect fit for athletes who want to measure the continuous change of their pulse during workout.The Galaxy S5 also features an infra-red beamer on top that you can use with the WatchON app to control TVs, and other electronic devices.

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