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Samsung Galaxy S3 helped Samsung rise to a dominating position in the smartphone market, taking the largest piece of market share.
For most Samsung Galaxy S3 models, their international versions are different from the US variants.
Some components of different GS3 models appear very similar, but will not fit or function when put in the wrong model. Some carriers’ logos are printed on the battery door, which will make it easier for users to tell their versions. If it is international version, only the Samsung logo will be printed, such as this GT-I9300 battery door. The rear housings on different Samsung Galaxy S3 models also have different contacts at the bottom. From the above-mentioned methods distinguishing Samsung Galaxy S3 model name, you can find which Galaxy S3 model you have, and buy suitable Roms or Galaxy S3 replacement parts.
Anyway, so do I understand that my Virgin Mobile G.S3 (SPH-L710) cannot be used with Cricket (SCH-R530).
I have a galaxy s3, but it doesnt look like any of the pictures, the one i have the sim card and sd card slots are right below the the camera. Scott Kenyon Posts 2,156 Posts Global Posts 2,204 Global Posts Carrier MoDaCo Switch Beta 8 Re: Samsung Galaxy S3 HELP!

I have encountered exactly the issue described above, but only since upgrading to Android 4.3.
I found very simple way to stream any video or even live tv from my S3 to my both Samy smart TVs using Samsung video app.
Start video, make sure using Samsung video app, if you have video by default starts with something else have to clean in apps manager default so you can choose again which app to use. And last one look left top corner on your phone while playing video for small rectangular icon, press and small pop up window should comes up with your tv, select and enjoy.
That's how I used to connec to the TV, but since the Android 4.3 upgrade, eith TV does not appear in the list, or if it does, when i select it nothing happens.
Yet I can use apps like Samsung Smart View from the same phone to change channels etc on the TV, so the two are definately talking to each other. Reply Forum Samsung Android Phones Samsung Galaxy S3 Samsung Galaxy S3 HELP! It is necessary to know your exact Galaxy S3 model number when you need to flash ROMs, or when you fix your broken S3 (Click to learn How to Teardown Galaxy S3). Such as this Verizon SCH-I535, AT&T SGH-I747 and Sprint SPH-L710 model for Samsung Galaxy S3. You can compare the contacts on your S3 model with those in the pictures below to identify your model.

Another alternative is Raspberry Pi as media gateway, something ive dabled with, although to be honest I'd prefer it if it just worked like before! Finally, after it was available in nearly 150 countries, the handset had gained a reputation and sold 50 million units as of 14 March, 2013. The Galaxy S3 is available in many different models: GT-I9300, I9305, SGH-T999, SGH-I747, SCH-R530, SCH-I535, and SPH-L710. Does that mean I have to have the dongle to be able to use the "Scan for nearby devices" option that comes up when I hit the menu key on a picture, video, or song that I want to send to my TV? Terms & Conditions Android Central Connectedly CrackBerry iMore Windows Central Tesla Central Podcast Android Central 286: Culturally insensitive taco Decision time Should you upgrade to the HTC 10 from an M9? Why is it not finding my Smart TV, even though my phone and smart TV are already linked together?

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