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There are a lot of  Kenyans out there who get conned every day during their quest to register a business name. Although I was hoping to actually try out the marriage name change which will be a feature soon available on the eCitizen platform, I had to settle for registering a business name. Njeri also sits on the board of Bloggers Association of Kenya(BAKE) where she runs Training & Outreach. Let’s suppose you’d like to find out the name of the person who took a position connected with analytical issues in the Gazprom company in 1999-2000.
To open the advanced search version, click “+” on the right of the field NAME and you can specify geographical location and description of company’s activities. Clicking the company’s name you will receive a list of people who are engaged in analytical issues.
If you want to find out where a certain person from the list, for example Гриценко Александр Иванович, worked in the past, click on the right of his surname.
Click the icon and you will see the fragments of documents where this person is mentioned with references to his position in the company. Thus, we can not only find, who takes or took a certain position in a certain company, but also discover, in which else organizations this person worked. Company Trademark Status Update Alerts are email updates of the latest trademarks' status change on company level. Right from the onset, I had the vision to start a business that would concentrate on digital content for children and merchandise as well as info on parenting. Most are not even seeking to register a limited liability company that requires lots of paper work.

It took me less than 20 minutes to apply for a business name search, pay for it and confirm that indeed, that application had gone through using the eCitizen portal. From my intense interaction with the eCitizen government portal, here are my thoughts on the platform. The registration process on the portal is quite simple, unlike registering a new email address, you don’t get asked all those questions.
The platform has not been programmed to query any of the existing databases for the respective agencies. During the registration process, there isn’t adequate information especially on the size limit for images. The platform only has very few of the essential services that Kenyan Citizen need like a Driving license, a business name, Passport application and land search form. The business name search does not give one a feature to enter alternative names in case the first choice of name is taken. Carry out some research through user surveys on what are the most crucial government services that people seek and have the eCitizen portal adopt to actual user needs. She is passionate about blogging as a tool for self-expression and has been blogging for over 10 years now. She runs 2 blogs and in 2014, she founded AfroKidz Ltd- a Digital Content creation company that developed Safari Tales- a story telling mobile applications for kids. Click “+” on the left of the surname or the surname itself  and you will find out which position this person took in the company during a certain period. The wizard also enables you know how many steps you need to complete before finishing the registration process.

If for example I am applying for an East African Passport and I already have an existing ordinary passport, I should not go through the full process if filling in all my details(my particulars, those of my parents, etc) all over again because immigration has all those details in their database which they captured when I first applied.
For someone who requires more government service, they have to go through the traditional channels until those services are available on the platform. Ideally when one is registering their business by physically going to the registrar, they provide 3 names for the same amount of Ksh.
Njeri is married with 2 children, loves technology and is keen to change the perception the world has of African Women. When?” among other services.  This daily updated service is based on the information published in the mass media.
The first thing I had to do was find a good lawyer who would not charge me a fortune and who would not lead me on for months with no results. If this was to be implemented, it will also reduce multiple applications from Kenyan citizen or many finding the system cumbersome to use and no different from filling paperwork. It relies on Integrum factual database and enables to find instantly the information about people and organizations.
I was lucky to be referred by a friend to a firm that did mostly registration of companies, mergers, buy outs and that kind of thing.
The was it is now, one has to really navigate the site and drill down to get those details.

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