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The robust window mount antenna for the Home Connect accentuates the functional performance of your device. This phone needs to come to america for verizon I need a small phone that can be on me at all times because I can’t keep track of anything but my watch. Adhere the antenna to the window using the suction cups provided and with the 23ft cable you can put the Home Connect virtually anywhere.
The user manual dislpays the  enV Touch, which is the replacement of lg voyager, also just we ever called lg voyager 2 will offer  a touch menu system similar to the Voyager,   the only one difference is that it looks like the enV Touch will not have the 3-shortcut menu screen that is used on the LG Versa. When you receive the phone, simply call your current carrier, activate this phone and start using it! 4G LTE models may require LTE sim card, which is not included but will be provided by your carrier. The S9110 features a specially designed 1.76-inch TFT touchscreen display with a 176 x 220 pixel resolution.
Introducing the HTC Windows Phone 8x, designed to keep you connected while at the same reflecting you.

Not only can it play MP3 files from its 40MB of internal storage, but also it could be used to record voice memos. I have to turn my phone completely off then turn it back on just to exit the recording menu.
With unique colors options, a seamless look, a the famous Windows Live Tiles to personalize your home screen the way you want.The 8x features an ultra wide angel front camera lens, one of the only on the market, that gets everyone into the picture and the surrounding scenery. Say hello to the Nokia Lumia 822, The intuitive Windows Phone 8 start screen with live tiles allows you to personalize your phone around the way you live. Then watch as those pictures come to life on the beautiful display with vivid colors and contrast.Lastly, with today's ever changing world you will need all you can get to keep up with it.
Thanks to Windows Live Tiles you can arrange your start screen just the way you want and get real time updates from all your social networks, weather, and even connect online with Xbox Live.
Be a local hero thanks to the top rated navigation app that keeps you headed in the right direction, even if you're offline!
Resize, recolor, and rearrange the tiles the way you want and truly make the phone do what matters most to you.

With Nokia City Lens augmented reality points out local attractions in your camera viewfinder. Tap on the point and read reviews, information, share and get directions.Snap a photo and make a video, with the industry leading Carl Zeiss lens in full 1080p HD! And don't forget to download Nokia Lenses like smart shoot and panorama from the Windows Phone Store to get those perfect photos!
Keep the party going with nonstop music and endless choices with Nokia Music and Mix Radio. Free streaming of tracks, no ads, no log in, no sign up and even download hours of music for offline listen! With all these wonderful features for such an incredible price, why wouldn't you want to your very own Nokia Lumia 822 today!

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