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Voice mail from phone lines that are shared by multiple users will be sent to a single e-mail address. After you've been given security access to the Inbox folder, open Outlook using your personal credentials.
The shared mailbox will open in a new browser window and can be used just as you would use your personal mailbox. Enter the name of the user and click Find to search for the user in the Global Address List, select the desired account, and click OK. I know this is old, but it's the first search result in Google and doesn't have a proper answer.
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What''s the optimal method to extract a list of users and their information from Active Directory? Why would an organization use a single, *common* Active Directory account for all staff who use a multifunction photocopier? Why do some mobile apps have mute buttons when the device has physical mute & volume switches? How to lookup staff contact information from Microsoft Outlook Address Book, iPhone and Android?
After successfully login to Microsoft Outlook, under “Home” tab of the ribbon bar, click “Address Book” icon. If you know the Sender Name of the colleague that you want to find, type the keyword in the search field.

The corresponding piece of information for each field tag under GAL is shown in the following diagram. Under “Find contacts” or equivalent, type the UID or name of the person that you want to lookup. The information available includes staff university name, first name, last name, department, office phone number, office location and email address. Also the Update button seems to have to do something with "Outlook Social Connector" - see the other screenshot I added?

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